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Just ordered mine, cant wait for it to get here!
Selling My great condition JDS Labs C421 Portable Amplifier with the OPA2227 opamp. This has been an awesome amp, pairs very well with ODAC. Sounds great with my Denon HP700's, D2000's and my Monster Copper Pro Turbine's.   See Review here: Info Here:   Only selling because I am ordering a Fiio E18 to use with my Galaxy S3.   Bought in 2012 for $190, very light use,...
Hello All. I finally received my repaired Alpha Dogs back from Mr. Speakers today. Several days after initially receiving them, i noticed a weird distortion/vibration in the right cup. The strange thing was it was only apparent on some songs, and intensified as the volume was increased. I sent it back to Dan at Mr. Speakers and initially he was unable to track down the issue. He was ready to send me a brand new pair of Alpha Dogs, until he finally found the...
No, the pre-outs are on all the time.
Actually, Its glass of Havana Club 7 Year Aged Rum.
Having a great Sunday night!  
During the tuning period they are not broken in either.I doubt there is that much of a difference after breaking in with this set of cans.However i do not claim breaking in to be a myth and im sure these will benefit over time from it. Certainly doesn't make my impressions futile simply because they don't meet your standards.
I received my Alpha Dogs today. Awesome fit and finish, couldn't be happier with the looks. A bit heavier than i thought they'd be but im sure ill get used to it (Compared to lcd2). SQ is awesome so far. Being a bass-head i was afraid they wouldn't satisfy my needs, but they put out plenty off bass, just not exaggerated at all. I have eq'd them a bit via jriver to suite my tastes, but even with no eq the bass is ample. (id rather not adjust the bass set screw.)   I...
Currently Running a Wireworld Ultraviolet USB to my DA8. Have not cut off the 5v pins, (Yet).. If i put electrical tape strips on the pins, will it hold up? does it get dislodged easily?   Along the same lines, what "audiophile" usb cables are available with the 5volt pins cut? if any?
Great just after i sold my W4S DAC1 for a Yulong DA8, this shows up. Argh! Oh well, the DA8 sounds awesome.   I think the oppo would be great for a Pure 2 Channel Speaker Setup as a DAC/Preamp though, as it includes a remote where the DA8 does not. Cant wait for some reviews.
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