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 CD player playing music into it on repeat, powering LCD2's. so yes music is playing.
 Looks great! I still havent tried that display off feature. Mine has been on burning in for the last 3 days straight..
Got another new Audio-GD Amp... NFB-1AMP          
 No the SA-31 remote does not work with my NFB-1AMP. I would rather it work that way so the two do not interfere with each other.
 The SA-31 remote does not work on the NFB-1AMP, but that may be because I specifically asked for a different frequency when ordering.I assume you could ask for the older remote when you order.
 Volume control is very light in movement, very little resistance. similar to the feel of the knob on my Yulong DA8. Nothing like the strong resistance I feel on my B22 with the stepped goldpoint attenuator.The NFB-1AMP remote is the larger one on the left. the right one feels a bit better in the hand, but the volume control buttons are a lot smaller. However overall I prefer the smaller SA-31 remote I think.Interested to hear about how it compares with the Liquid Carbon.
 Haha no I wish. I was lucky enough to pick it up used for a steal at $1250 cdn (like $1000 us)
 Thanks. My Yulong DA8 only has one set of Balanced outputs and one set of RCA outputs. Both the B22 and NFB-1AMP can act as a balanced pre-amp. The B22 does in-fact have a Goldpoint attenuator for volume control.  I decided to hook the NFB-1AMP right to the DA-8 via Balanced and then used balanced from the NFB-1AMP to the B22 to test the pre-amp function of the NFB-1AMP. It will not be setup like this permanently, as I said earlier the NFB-1AMP will be moved to my living...
 Haha yes, but some headphone listening thrown in. I plan to make a 10 ft long 4pin Balanced extension cable to use with my headphones. Try finding a balanced pre-amp with remote for the price of the NFB-1AMP, you probably wont have any luck, at least I didn't. That's why as soon as I saw the NFB-1AMP for pre-order I had to have one.I had planned on saving for a Master 1 or Master 9 to use as a pre-amp, but with the release of the NFB-1AMP for half the price based on the...
 Yes I do like my Audio-GD!Its actually a Very Rare C-2SA, not sure of the year. I also have a NFB-1DAC in the living room, which the NFB-1AMP will be paired with for 2 channel speakers eventually.
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