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yeah my laptop struggles a bit when i listen to more bass-heavy songs at max volume. but just a bit. I have a Sony vaio VGN-SR36GN if you wanna know.   btw i really recommend the Creative soundblaster play for laptops it makes the sound clearer and also boosts the volume.   greetz   xStreame
Yeah, same with me, I notice my Sony ericsson Vivaz is jsut too weak for them, especially while playing songs with more bass, and also i feel even my laptop struggles a little, i solved this problem by buying the Creative SoundBlaster Play!   greetings   xStreame
Hey zmd,   about the mod, i'm going to buy the HD 448 soon and I will try to make the mod you showed us a few pages before, but i couldn't understand everything you said in the written tutorial (english is not my first language :S). I also tried to download the video. but it says i got removed or something..   Could you re-upload the video again?   Thanks a lot   xStreame
New Posts  All Forums: