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For a pair of sealed cans, the soundstage is surprisingly good. Even wider than a large number of open-back phones. 
Most comfortable ones I've owned are the k550's. A great pleasure to wear (and listen to!) them over many hours
I have just upgraded to the k550 from my 3 year old setup (senns HD 448, Portapro, HD515, E7) and must say they are just amazing! The difference in terms of clarity, soundstage and detail is immediately noticeable. Vocals, instruments, bass. Just so much more detailed. Though I don't have enough experience with the GMP 8.35 and the Shures, I can guarantee you that you won't regret purchasing the k550's. 
I have been quite unsure about the k550 due to some people calling them bass-weak, especially as someone coming from a pair of bass modded HD448s. But as soon as I put them on and started listening I completely fell in love with them. I never thought I would hear that much more out of my music! Every song just sounds so much more detailed with the k550's, and because they are so well-balanced, they work well with pretty much all genres. For me as a listener of more...
I own the HD448 with the bass mod (you can find it in this forum) and it has enough punchyness for modern style music aka Hiphop, Electro etc.   For the best audio experience i recommend you to buy an amp to unleash the full potential.
Thats the purpose of portable amps. Since I'm a student I have a certain price limit, so i got myself the Fiio E7 a year ago. Boost my modded HD448 quite alot, at least power and volume wise
Have you tried the bass mod for the 448 yet? I have done it about a year ago and still the bass is very noticable in almost every genre of music.
so you are planning to upgrade from the grado rs2i to a full sized headphone amp, but still using the iPod and the E7 ?
Does anyone know if the Headphoneshop KINGSOUND HK sell Fiio products? I got my Portapro's from that shop and they pretty much have everything for the headphonelover    
  What do you mean by trial?   And a question, do you have any resellers in guangzhou, china? because i live there and if there is I don't need to travel all the way to Hong Kong to buy it.   Thank you
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