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depends on your budget, as well as musical preferences
I don't think the K551 has been released yet.    What what I see is the only differences between these 2 cans is the remote control / mic and the color scheme.
Note about the Akg k550's:   You MUST have a good seal to get the full sound out of those cans. If you wear glasses and don't usually wear contacts, they will sound weak and bass weak due to the lacking seal. Also, I would reccommed you to try them out before you buy them if possible. If you have a small head, you might face another problem since they don't clamp strongly. They are made to fit as comfortable as possible with no pressure point.   Apart from...
I'm sure you will enjoy the AKG K550 since they're a closed (sealed->isolating) pair of cans with an incredibly crisp and clear sound, with the biggest soundstage of any closed headphone available out here.   They do isolate well, though use in loud environment (bus etc) will filter out some details and lower end tones.   Just my personal recommendation, since I'm wearing them right now.     Edit: also, because of the low impedance (32Ohm) they can be run...
    YES PLS!
  Because of the low impedance of 32ohm they're really easy to drive. Therefore a strong amp isn't much required for these cans.   I use a Fiio E7 through my laptop (usb) and phone (aux), and I'm very satisfied with the performance of these.
+ 1 K550 owner over here!   also have a K81DJ 
I would like to throw in the AKG K550's into your choices, I chose mine over the D2000.  The bass is less emphasised than on the Denons, though are definately present. They come to the foreground if the song intents so, but overall a very balanced, clear pair of cans with an amazing soundstage for a closed phone and good looking on top. Try them out if you have the chance to!
1. K550 2. HD448 (modded) 3. Portapro 4. HD515
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