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I used my K550's with an E7 for a few month until i recently upgraded to the E17.  Depending on your needs, the E7 will give you the most bang for your buck. The difference will be immediately noticeable! The E17, which costs twice as much, will give you a slightly clearer sound with a wider soundstage than the E7, but you will only feel that if you already used the E7 for a while. Depending on your budget, E7/E17 will be a good start into amps/dacs
I think you don't need to change the headphone. I, like op, feel that sometimes the bass is somewhat weak with the K550's, but by setting the bass boost on my E17 to 4 completely resolves the problem for me. setting the bass to 10 brings the whole headphone to shake on my head
Yes you are right, I've talked to Fiio just recently about it and they told me they've fixed the E7 incompability on the E09k as soon as they became aware of this issue. 
Might want to take the AKG K550's into the pit. Very clear sounding cans. Closed back with big soundstage, perfect for universal home/on the go use.
The bass of my k550 did enhance after about 40 hours of burn in, but not of significant quantity. It probably was the right decision for you to return them. They are indeed reference like, and with that said very flat sounding.  I would recommend you to see a local dealer and just try out different cans. If you like to upgrade to a bassy headphone, take a look at Audio Technicas Ath-M50's or beyerdynamics.
Hello, From personal experience i can tell you that the HD598 are indeed well suiting headphones for you, especially for home use. They are not very suitable for portable use though due to sound leakage.   About the cable, yes, you can simply buy an extension cable if you chose to buy the Sony's
for 90% of the time, yes. Except sometimes in school because of the size.
The Sennheiser HD5XX line might not fit your needs as they require an amp to sound good and also they're open back, which means sound leakage and no isolation.   The M50s are always a solid and very common recommendation for everyone in a similar to your situation.
For your musical preference I would personally recommend you the Ath-M50s, the K550 are very big and more meant to be used at home. If you have loud environmental noise around you a stronger bass response would fit you better. My K550 lose the 'punch' whenever i use mine in the bus. The long cable comes in handy at home, but for mobile use i mostly keep the biggest part tied up. The seal does play a very important role on the K550. Though i have a big head it still takes...
  A very clean and great sounding headphone is the AKG K550 which I have right now. They blow away all my previous headphones (including the portapro).   Other than that, can you tell if you will be running the headphones through an amp or straight out of a device? You need to consider the impedance of the headphone before you make your final decision.  Also, Open or closed-back?
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