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Another upvote for the K550's. Brilliantly clear sounding and the soundstage will be beneficial for your occasional  gaming sessions. For a even better experience, I highly reccomend you to get a DAC/AMP combo, to bring out punchier and wider sound.    If you are not ready to get an amp yet, the bassy M50s will do, especially for electronic music.
Can anyone tell me the differences between the E17 standalone and the E17+E09k combo in terms of sound quality?   I have a pair of 32Ω K550's. I know they don't need any strong amplification, but they do indeed benefit well from amping. Currently owning the E17, I'm considering adding the E09k to my setup.
Fellow K550 owner here.  I recently upgraded from my E7 to an E17 and there is definitely a improvement in terms of clarity, depth and soundstage. I do not regret my purchase.    Though I'm looking forward to adding a tube amp into my setup, to add some liveliness and warmth to these cans. Currently looking at the Bravo audio v2
I am aware that my cans don't need any further amping volume wise. I am just looking for a upgrade of my current setup quality wise.   It will either be the E09k or the Bravo audio v2 tube amp.
Having the same setup, I agree that the k550 does benefit well from the E17.    I am looking forward to adding a desktop amp to add even more liveliness to these cans, though with a small budget. I will still be using the E17 as a DAC. I am looking at the Bravo audio v2 tube amp.  Any impressions/experiences with this setup?
I am wondering the same as OP. I use a E17 to drive my k550 and I'm wondering how much of a difference quality wise will the E09k add? the k550's are only 32Ω but if there is a improvement in quality I will consider buying it.
I've sent a link to this thread to feiao. He will be able to answer your question.
Very good. Though they doesn't require a strong amp they do benefit from amping. More strength in terms of impact, and also bring up the sometimes lacking low frequency punches. I recently upgraded from my E7 to an E17 and it does not only improve the clarity, but also widens the soundstage. 
Agree with most answers here. Fell in love with them when i saw them on the website.  Disappointed when I saw them in real. 
according to the ue6000 should be sounding very good in passive mode. You might want to try them out again.
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