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I think AKG might have intended to give these cans a very weak clamping force. In exchange we get one of the most comfortable fitting headphones to date. There is no specific pressure point, not too much weight on the cups nor on the headband. This can be seen from different perspectives.
My current optimal 500$ setup is the AKG K550 + Fiio E17.   The K550 are 32Ω, which mean they're easy to drive. I had the E7 for a long time but recently upgraded to the E17 for a even better setup. The K550 are super clear and they can be worn forever without pain. For the occasionally needed boom, I put up the bass boost on my amp.    Really recommending this setup. If you're more on a budget, get the E7 or preferably the E10 instead of the E17.
Good review. I'm fairly surprised that the ATH900 seem to have bigger soundstage. I've always heard that the K550 have the biggest soundstage in any closed back headphone
I have the K550 and the XB500 here.    Unamped, the XB naturally gives more bass, the K550 are definitely the flat sounding ones. Though the K550 sounds much clearer.   With my fiio E17's Bass boost, I can make any headphone rumble on my head. So what do you prefer? A headphone which is CAPABLE of delivering thundering bass or a headphone which NATURALLY bring up the sub bass line?   From what i perceive, the K550 deliver much deeper sub bass than the XB500,...
must disagree with you. I'm asian too (also from HK) and i bought my 14 years old brother a pair of SE215. Not even needing to change to the smaller ear plugs, he had no problems wearing them.
The 558 are the new, slightly improved version of the HD555, which stands right between HD515 and HD595. 
From personal experience i can tell you that the SE215 are definitely a good choice for your needs, a lot better than the CX300   Here the 3 convincing points:   -Strong isolation, especially with foam plugs -Enhanced bass -Exchangeable cable.   Have not tried the Sony and Westone, so that is all i can tell
The difference between the HD515 and the HD595 are quite big. They are from the same model line, but one is the low-end model and the other is the high end one. They usually don't get compared since the HD515 are headphones which are rarely even mentioned.   I own a pair of HD515 (got them for free) and tbh apart from the nice soundstage it did not sound any better than my HD448 which i had for years.  The 515 is not recommended to buy since its the low end model....
Another upvote for the K550's. Brilliantly clear sounding and the soundstage will be beneficial for your occasional  gaming sessions. For a even better experience, I highly reccomend you to get a DAC/AMP combo, to bring out punchier and wider sound.    If you are not ready to get an amp yet, the bassy M50s will do, especially for electronic music.
Can anyone tell me the differences between the E17 standalone and the E17+E09k combo in terms of sound quality?   I have a pair of 32Ω K550's. I know they don't need any strong amplification, but they do indeed benefit well from amping. Currently owning the E17, I'm considering adding the E09k to my setup.
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