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Have not had enough experience with the Q701 for a comparism, but this review will help
Flathead in general. But depending on the genre of music, I sometimes use Bass/Treble boost
God. This hurts...
Report please
  Report as soon as you have results please
bump, Please leave your impressions, K550 owners!
To make sure your friend won't have any fitting issues with the K550, make sure he's doesn't have a small head and/or wears glasses. These cans really need to seal well to deliver their optimal sound
Thanks for leaving your impression. Do you think the asgard has a bigger impact on the overall sound signature of the K550 or is it your hrt2_ dac?   My next upgrade should improve the soundstage as well as give these cans a little more warmth. Question is: will a tube amp be too much? My budget will be at about $200
Hey everybody,   I've been lurking around for quite a while and have been thinking of getting a desktop amp for my K550's.  The thing is most people who haven't heard the K550 just recommend a cheap or no amp at all. I recently upgraded from my E7 to an E17, and noticed quite a big difference with these cans. I know that they are only 32Ω, but the majority of K550 users say that these cans benefit well from amping. Also, I found a post on Innerfidelity where...
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