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This is my deepest darkest fear 
Just going to say I went for the J3 for ease of use and reliability. I bricked my S9 by being a dumbass and cowon sent me a brand new replacement, so I have faith in the company.   Leee - I'd like to read your impressions when it arrives. I've been toying with the idea of getting one to do a comparison but $170 is a lot for a whim. But there is this nagging suspicion that I'm missing out on something
Also fwir Cowons have a treble emphasis, S:flo2 is almost neutral, and Hifiman players have a "butterworth" treble roll-off.
Most of the poetic things people say about audio components have to do with trying to explain the way their brains interpret the emphasis of gear on parts of the frequency spectrum. Sennheiser headphones, for example, typically have more emphasis towards bass than treble, which makes people call them smooth, dark, and warm. This "warm" sound signature simply means the lower frequencies are slightly louder than the higher frequencies, but many prefer this signature for...
Alright so I want to listen to FLAC without using the EQ only on Westone 3 earphones. Which player will give me better audio quality? I don't need the driving power of the S:flo2's internal amplifier, and I won't use the EQ enhancements of the J3.   Also, how much of a difference will there be in audio quality? Is it like "oh this sounds a bit better" or "wow my music is more alive!"? I'm assuming the S:flo2 would sound better but I want to know the degree of...
  That seems like a bit of a hassle, I'll see how this new batch of complys stay on, and try the olives if the problem persists.     If your going to get a headphone amp with the W3s, get one designed specifically for IEMs like the RSA Tomahawk. This post may be helpful: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/243101/can-headphone-amp-be-used-to-amp-iem#post_3022583
  I got the W3s last month and they're great. I use the short version of the comply P tips (http://www.earphonesolutions.com/cocatiforum2.html) and they're great for comfort and isolation. But I wanted to try the olives since a couple of posts said that the olives gave the best fit. So this problem your describing, its only a problem if you want to take the tips off the W3, right? Cuz I'm having a problem with the complys coming off and getting lost when i'm outside, so...
I tried the Asgard and didn't like the sound sig with my IE8s and M50 and sent it back. That's all I can say though as my HD650s never came and I've switched my focus to IEMs.
Yeah I'm pretty interested in DT990, D2000, & HFI-2400.
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