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Thanks for the info, sounds like i'm getting them!
I'm interested in trying out monster earphones, specifically the coppers. My Westone 3s were stolen this week, and my IE8s just don't satisfy me anymore.
The consensus seems to lean towards the ES5. Thanks everyone for contributing.
I have the Cowon J3, which I think is a great compromise in terms of capacity, size, battery life, ui, and sound quality. I have not tried the S:flo2, but from what I've read, most listeners place it in a category above any mainstream players, like cowons. I am still very interested to compare my J3 with an S:flo2 though, as flac through the J3 sounds great to me.
I know this doesn't belong in this section, but there's no other place to put it. Also, I figure that people who are into portable audio might have some insight into portable speakers.   Here is what I was looking at. http://www.amazon.com/Soundmatters-foxLv2-Pocket-sized-Audiophile-Loudspeaker/dp/B0030XNBHS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top   I am totally ok with it not being "audiophile quality" - its portable.   My question is - is it worth it? And what...
Too bad, I was hoping for an S:flo2 to compare to my Cowon J3. Any chance of an S:flo3 any time soon? Or a news of a new audiophile dap from Teclast? I'd check but I can't read Chinese.
dragonfyra - thanks for your reply, really informative. I have also heard better things about Westone's build quality. The part about heat-sensitive tips was from Jerry Harvey describing why he doesnt use them, so it could easily just be marketing, but I want to check. I've emailed Westone about the tips to see if it becomes a problem, I'm sure they would have dealt with it before if it was. Can you give some impressions about sound, isolation, and performance at low...
I can hear everything perfectly with my J3 and Westone 3, honest to god. I did the same thing with my IE8s. I swear the detail doesn't go up as you increase the volume. I used to listen really loud, but then I upgraded the sound quality and turned down the volume as low as possible. The general consensus on what causes hearing damage is either really loud noise for a short period of time or medium volume noise for long periods of time. I listen to music as much as...
I want to start saving up money for a top-tier custom in-ear monitor for use with my Cowon J3. Right now I've got W3s and I'm loving them, but I know my music could sound better, and I want the comfort and isolation of customs.   FWIR Impressions:   ES5 - Pros: Clarity, build quality, comfort/isolation with heat-activated tips. Worried about: bass JH13 - Pros: Soundstage, bass. Worried about: build quality   Straight from a Cowon J3, would the ES5's lack of...
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