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I remember looking at mp4nation's site a few months ago and seeing a pre-order for the second batch of S:flo2s.  I checked back today and it doesn't seem to be listed at all.   Where'd it go?
T5 = best sound quality, E11 = best deal for the price all fwir
I bet the T5. FWIR, its clean, with a wide soundstage and great bass. Probably buying one soon.
Does the M50 have too much bass to be considered neutral?
Considering: iBasso T5, Fiio E11, PD XM4
fiio e11, ibasso t5, pd xm4, headroom total airhead, etc
Hi.   I'm looking for the best portable amps under $250 that i could use to power the ATH-M50 headphones using the headphone-out of my Cowon J3.   In the meantime, I'll look for posts about amping the M50.   Thanks in advance.
with westone 3/um3x - cable over ears, cord down back, adjuster cinched up so its secure but not painful, cord under shirt, through to the front pocket to mp3 player. or, for shorter sessions, over ear and cord down front, not cinched up at all. ps. i love westones ideas about cables and ergonomics. great iems.
I use a Cowon J3. Exceptional battery life, generous capacity with a 32gb mircosd, beautiful screen, great UI.
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