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I plan to get the ES5 when i get the money, and I'll undoubtedly be curious about better sounding players once I have those little beauties in my ears.   But should I get the T51...or save up for a HM-801? 
Good to hear, Expatin.   Yeah, I actually just got that same comment on another thread. I guess I just assumed the M50 needed more amp to maximize its potential, but I listen at low volume levels and maybe the M50 just isn't my headphone. I think I may just go the customs route and avoid headphones/headphone amps altogether. 
I enjoy the M50, but don't have any other full-size headphones to compare it to. I think I get better detail retrieval from my W3 though, plus the cord on my M50 is kind of messed up, so I use my W3 around the house and barely ever touch my M50. The bass impact is really nice though, a lot more "real" than my BA W3.   Coq - I have to ask - why do you have both the E10 and E11? Besides the dac functionality, don't they pretty much fill the same...
Wow, thanks for the impressions guys. This little beauty is definitely going on my "to buy" list.   While we're on the topic of portable speakes, the Altec Lansing IMT800 "Mix" speaker system sounds great for the price, and never fails to impress at parties and social events, if you can handle the size. Bass is boomy but powerful.
I know they're the same player, apart from capacity. Guess I'm sticking with my J3 then. I've always been curious about the T51/S:flo2 sound though.
After researching my options, I actually arrived at that same conclusion - the T3 is great for my needs. Thanks for the recommendation. Great minds think alike 
      Thanks, that really helps. I guess I always assumed there was a fair bit more performance I wasn't getting out of my M50s, but maybe it's their sound signature. 
As a person with a Cowon J3 as his audio source, I'm excited about the low impedance of these new phones. Given that I don't have a line-out on my preferred audio player, I'm trying to stay out of the amp game altogether. Even though the HD 25 is considered one of the headphones that "doesn't need an amp", I'd be constantly worried I wasn't getting the potential out of it with no amp, so this new model is attractive for that reason alone.   I'm confident that the...
I found the Teclast T51 at HouseofDap, but neither was available on Onecall. Maybe they stopped making them. What a shame.
Thank you. Do you know why they stopped selling the S:flo?
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