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Dear Head-Fi,   I've never owned an "audiophile" cable, but I just ordered the Foxl v2 off Amazon, and was looking to upgrade.   The cable I'm using now is an $8 cable from Mediabridge. I like this cable for the screw-on connectors, which helps prevent bad connections.   Basically, what I'm looking for is a ~2-4 ft mini-to-mini audio cable that will be durable, last a long time, and offer a step up in sound quality from standard cables. I'm looking to spend...
Nice that's really cheap. I wouldnt want to take chances with the fit so if I had the option to get it done cheaper I probably wouldn't take it. I mean most customs are $600<, might as well pay for good impressions.
"- Fixed the file system error after transfer files to J3 by Mac OS or Linux."         Does this mean I can use my J3 with mac os without bricking it now? That'd be a HUGE update!
I'd like to start a collection of stylish portable headphones with good sound quality to own and resell to college students.   I've just purchased a Crossfade LP to start my collection. I plan to add a Skullcandy Aviator, and possibly a V-Moda M-80.   What are some other portable headphones (I consider the Crossfade portable) with great looks and good sound?
  My thoughts exactly. Like a jackal, I'm stalking this new prey in wait of the inevitable price drop.    Thanks for the thorough explanation. Seems like the J3 is better at driving headphones than I ever thought. I've never been able to justify buying a dac because I just load all my flacs onto my J3 and only really listen to youtube and other compressed audio on my computer.  
Awesome, thanks for all the replies. ES5, here i come!
Probably voiced for the consumer market, as to be expected. Not necessarily a bad thing - not everyone likes the sound of an ENT monitoring-designed headphone.   Jude confirms that the Amperior is significantly easier to drive than the HD25, as well as saying that it "sounds better".   Thanks for posting the graphs maverick. Looks like the bass has been boosted as you...
A big part of my interest in this amp was to try out amps in the first place - the T3 just has an added benefit of being relatively cheap. I hear a lot of talk about amps and it makes me want to see what all the fuss is about. But realistically, I want as little bulk and complexity as possibly in my portable "rig", so I think I'll stick to the classic Dap-Headphones setup.
I remember reading somewhere that if you get customs too young, your ear canals will change shape slightly as you finish growing and basically defeat the purpose of getting customs. Is 19 too young?   P.S. The customs in question are the ES5s, which use heat-molded vinyl tips. If that effects the answer at all.
Does it really stack up in terms of sound quality? I know price doesn't equal performance, but I imagine a $40 speaker vs a $150 one should be no contest at all. Not to put down the Spider in any way, I'm sure its awesome for the price
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