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I say do it, you bearded kitten.
I had to do a double take at your avatar, haha that's great. The vinyl tips are one of the biggest reasons i've decided to get the ES5 over the UERM or JH13. Extra comfort and isolation? Don't mind if i do!
I know the ES5 has soft, heat-activated (vinyl?) tips, what other customs are out there with that feature?
Good, then I've learned something from my hours lurking here. The foxl is a technical marvel, by the way.
I emailed Westone, JH, and UE last night to ask them your question, posing as you. The only company to email me back by 2 pm today was Westone. Great job on customer service!   Here's their reply:   Hello,    Thank you for your email. You are correct in saying that gaining or losing weight could change the size of your ears slightly. Each person is different. We would recommend that you hold off until your reach your desired weight loss goal, as this could...
The foxl is a powered system. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't a headphone amp make no difference in driving the speakers properly if the system includes speaker amplification?
please delete
The prices are $7 different on Amazon currently. Love the W3, just want to try the W4 sound.
No, a portable headphone amp isnt going to help much. The problem is likely with your phone's audio output, I know the DROID is far from the king of sound quality   All I know is the Cowon J3 playing FLAC to the foxlv2 sounds great   I just found this AudioQuest Evergreen cable, it's 2ft for $25. Is this a good buy?
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