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  If anyone has heard, owned, or currently own these headphones, please post your impressions.   More specifically, regarding the following:   Sound Quality Comfort Fit Durability Looks Good or not for casual listening (not for DJ or Studio use)   If I dont get any positive replies, I'm just gonna pull the trigger on some ATH-M50's over at B&H.     Thanks in advance, Budgetboy
Yeah I was initially considering them, but as I'm in the prime of my life and trying to get girls, I took them off my list. I will pay more for better looking headphones.
http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=0&graphID[]=603&graphID[]=513&graphID[]=183 http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=6&graphID[]=603&graphID[]=513&graphID[]=183   This is cool but not very useful  
Realized that since I will need a pair for biking/skating, portability is a priority. And the 595s soundstage is really tempting. I might go the sennheiser fanboy route, and get the HD25 for portability and the HD595 for home use.   How about the Pioneer HDJ-2000 for portable use? I know they're more money, but they're made of magnesium alloy - probably stronger than the "indestructible" plastic of the HD25. And I know the 25's have replacable parts. I've heard the...
Thanks for the responses, I'm getting a better idea of what I want.   I'm not exactly a basshead, but the ATH-M50s look like such a bargain that I'm not as concerned with getting a balanced sound. I think the HD25s are out, Mochan made a great point about portability not really factoring into this purchase. I really enjoy the security of having a durable headphone though, that's part of the reason I got the IE8s.   So how about the Sennheiser 595s? I know they're...
Good evaluation, I'm using FLAC and the S9 has a killer EQ so I'm hoping the HD25 will be a little bit more forgiving.   Are you sure about the isolation of the M50 beating the HD25? Because every review I've seen seems to rate the HD25's isolation very high, like 30db+
Hey HF,   I'd like some help deciding on what are to be my first (and hopefully only) full size headphones, at least until I start making some real cash. My current setup is a Cowon S9 with Sennheiser IE8s, which is just awesome. I use this setup for both portable and home uses, and it's working out great. But I've heard all about the merits of full size headphones on this forum and want to give them a try.   So I'm looking for a set of comfortable, durable...
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