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Dear T5P owners - would the Headstage Arrow 12 HE 4G be a good mate with this 32-ohm headphone? I love the design, commitment to improvement, and tone controls that the Arrow offers.
I was thinking I'd buy the Headstage Arrow HE 12HE 4G and use the bass boost function if I wanted to listen with bass. I'm sure they could handle it. I think they cut the bass down to increase clarity from low powered sources. Amplification is very important to move the drivers enough to create clean low frequency sound, and i'll take reduced bass over reduced clarity any day.
Thanks for answering my question thoughtfully, purpleangel. Have a nice life.
I'd like to pick up a pair of these for listening on-the-go and without amplifiers.   I would also like to use them for my college music production program.   I'm sure they're revealing enough, but are they neutral enough for such work?   Frequency response graphs would be great if you can find them.       Thanks, Budgetboy
I'm looking for a neutral, comfortable, closed headphone to be used for music production and listening through a macbook pro and virus ti2 synthesizer. I really like the idea of the SRH 940, but I'm open to other options. Have any suggestions in the $200+ range?
I'm about to buy the SRH 940. I'll be using it with a Macbook Pro for music listening and production, and with an iPhone 4S for music listening on the go. Will an E17 be a significant improvement over the Macbook Pro's DAC and headphone out? How about compared to the headphone out of the iPhone?   Thanks, Budgetboy
I'll add pics. Can't do anything about the lack of feedback. 
I'd like to trade my Westone 3 earphones for a pair of Shure SRH940 headphones. The price difference is about $100 on Amazon, so I'll need money or audio stuff to balance the deal. I'm interesed in the uDAC2, so I'll add $30 on my side if you have both.   My W3s are in good condition and I have the zipcase and I have a few pairs of shure olive medium and small tips that I'll include in the shipment. I don't have the original tips, none of them fit my ears.   PM...
Cowon J3 32GB (Black) + Sandisk 32GB MicroSD + Rearth Ringke J3 Case (Black) + Line-In cable, AV Composite out cable, & Wall Adapter.   All in good condition. No trades please. Shipping is not included.
Selling Westone 3 in good condition with case and 3 sets spare shure olive tips (medium). Recieved a brand new pair in February, so only 3-4 months old. Price is $200 + shipping, will ship in most economical way available. Payment is through Paypal.   No trades, please.
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