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I love my K550s. The sound is, to my ears, pretty amazing. But with their sensitivity, durability, and looks, I'd love to use them outside as well as indoors. However, the cable is something like 3 meters, which makes it very awkward to use them out and about. My search for portable circumaural headphones with similar sound quality has so far been fruitless, so I ask you: where can I send my K550s to have them re-terminated to a quality 3.5mm female jack? I'd love to be...
deleted.   "The HDJ-2000-K's 50 mm driver units and high-flux magnets create outstanding resolution, while a 38 μm-thick diaphragm delivers plenty of bass. Meanwhile, a voice coil rolled at the optimum width and frequency produces excellent balance from bass to treble. Plus, the ear pads’ damper and airtight stitching deliver excellent sound insulation."   I have no idea what that means, but I know I want one! 
I'm very excited about the Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G (the latest version). I have a 4-month old Westone 3 and an older but well cared-for Cowon J3 32GB with a 32GB MicroSD card installed and a Rearth Ringke case protecting it. I'm looking for the newest version of the Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G. I'm not interested in any older versions. I'm also interested in high quality headphones, home and portable. No iems. For reference, I really enjoy the AKG K550s, and am learning to...
Just got an iPhone, looking for free, high quality streaming radio for listening over wifi. The higher the bitrate, the better: 256 Kbps and up. Also looking for a free app to organize said streams.
Thanks for your responses!   inobobo - I think I would be too worried about the effects of the cable bending at such sharp angles. My M50 cable stopped transmitting both channels after months of use. I think I'm looking for something more like this: But let me know how it goes for you.   deaffob - Nice. I tried putting it in a special pocket of my backpack laying flat, and no damage so far....
Hey there.   I just bought the K550 headphones on Amazon. Now I'm looking for a travel case that would fit the headphones and protect them, mostly for carrying them around in a backpack.   Also, any suggestions for a small cable manager would be appreciated. 3 meters is a bit long for walking around.   Thanks, Budgetboy
I'm sure I'll enjoy the bass, but for things like playing video games or certain kinds of electronic music, I'd like a sound more like a subwoofer  on medium volume.   My sources are an iPhone 4S and Macbook Pro. I know there's a ton of EQ apps for the iPhone, but I'd rather have my sound tweaks built into the amp. I tend to think I'll get better sound that way.
The Leckerton looks nice, but I'll need an amp with some way of boosting the bass. I've heard these are bass light and I want the option of changing that, even if I don't end up using it much.   In this review ( a t5p owner says that the Fiio E17 pairs well with the T5p, and it has tone controls.   Any thoughts about E17 vs Arrow with this headphone?
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