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Four of them? Alright, that IS huge. I was considering three of those LG "borderless" 27"  (DM92) monitors at one point, but ended up with a single 27" instead. Three would of been ridiculous.
It is? I use a 27". lol
This?   It's a hilarious thread about certain power cables being regular old garden hose filled with sand.
Do you have a multimeter? It should be pretty easy (I would think?- I haven't actually done this myself) to measure the output impedance if you have one. Just use a male to male headphone cable and measure from the exposed side?
I have a 100' cable going from the modem/router (living room) along the ceiling and up the stairs (using those removable wall clips) to a 4 port gigabit switch in my game room. Screw wireless. The GAF was easy to get around by just letting her put flowers and such on the cable. lol
30dB difference seems like a lot. Shouldn't that be easily noticable?
I sold my HE-500's for $500, but I wanted a quick sale. They were sold in less than an hour.
Unfortunately, it seems that you can only convert displayport > dvi/etc., not dvi/etc. > displayport - unless you use a very expensive active converter. What makes it really expensive is that it would have to be a dual link dvi to displayport active converter, as I have a 1440p monitor.
I just sold a pair of GTX580's and bought a GTX680. I was trying to hold out for the 780, but really needed a displayport. I'll move back to SLI when the 780's come out. I was also kind of hoping that it'd come out during the step up period I get through EVGA, but I doubt it will.
^What? lol. Maybe it's pixely on a < 720p screen or something, but not on the 1080p, 1200p, or 1440p screens I've had/have.   BTW- we have an iMac where I work, and the screen is definitely awesome. Unfortunately, it shows reflections. It's not too bad, but does bother me. To be fair, we have a lot of natural light and also a ton of florescent lights (it's an office building).   If I could have it my way I'd configure my room so that the back of my monitor would...
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