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Thanks for bringing that up Xnor, many people seem to mistake a flat frequency response with "every frequency sounding equally loud" which are not the same thing.  
Well let me throw my 2 cents in.  I just got the HD650's and paired them with the Leckerton Audio UHA-6S MKII.  I find it to be a very good match.  I use it pretty much just as you described your intended uses would be.  I do not know how hard it would be to get it outside of the US though.
Glad we could help.  It is never good to feed one amp into another no matter how good they are.  You can get a Fiio L7 dock cable for the E17 that will give you a line out signal.  This will pull the signal from the dac of the E17 and bypass the amp section.  You can feed this to  the headroom amp.  This will allow you to see if the headroom amp is any better than the E17.  One other thing, it should always be best to run an amp at the lowest gain setting that will give...
I do not understand why you are using two amps in series.  You should not need an amp necessarily to drive 32 ohm headphones but the K550's may benefit from one.  Try just using the E17, turn the volume on itunes up to 100% and control the volume with the E17.  
I have been modding a pair of 50rp's for a short time and have them at a pretty good level, they sound very good, but I did not have a reference good enough to make a fair comparison so I have just received a pair of HD 650's.  Just got the 650's yesterday so its too early to do a comparison.  I will know more in several days and can get back.
First of all the resistance of the headphone isn't the governing factor, the efficiency is.  Secondly, most modding of the 50rp involves increasing the internal damping of phone which will reduce the efficiency.  
The W2's should suit your needs well.  They are some of my favorite iem's.  The bass is very good in quality and has good strength, provides the right foundation for classical music.  The treble is smooth but it is all there.  The treble lacks the peaky nature which may sound like details but causes my fatigue.  If you like vocals, the westone's are great.  I also cut down the triple flange tips to biflange for the best fit.
Great work indeed.  Thank you for all of your work on this and all the other guidance you have given to this effort.
I have just been over on that thread and I had no trouble.  I am logged in and went right to it.
This is not unusual to see as California has very strict rules on labeling of cancer causing chemicals.  Without knowing what the chemical is and how it is incorporated in the product it is hard to say.  My suggestion is not to eat them.
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