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That did it. Thanks for your help Yaluen.Mowglycdb was telling me to do the same thing, but I'm not very savvy when it comes to this stuff, and a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
I actually didnt need to download it again Right clicked the file and selected open with Win Zip then unzipped the folder. Hadn't done that before. Like I said earlier I'm not very savvy with this computery stuff. The file extracted to here:   C:\Users\brian\Documents\USB32driver2014v3\USB32driver2014v3   Was able to attempt to install the drivers for the first time, but it didnt work.   A window popped up that said windows encountered a problem installing the driver...
Ohhgourami and mowglycdb thanks for your responses but I'm still stuck.   When I clicked the link that Audio gd sent me it saved in my user file     It's there I can see it.   When I go through the device manager, click on audio gd, and update driver it asks me if I want to search automatically or browse my computer.   My problem is the rar file that is supposed to be iin the download file isnt listed under downloads anymore.   I cant figure it out, and...
Can somebody help me.   I'm not real savvy when it comes to computers.   DHL delivered my NFB 15 today and I cant figure out how to install the drivers. I got an email link with the driver I'm supposed to use ahead of delivery yesterday. It's saved to my downloads folder. I also downloaded a trial version of winzip.   The problem I'm having is the file isnt showing up where it's supposed to be when I choose browse my computer.   Anybody have any suggestions?    
My Audio GD Sparrow just died so I'm soliciting some recommendations to replace it.   I'm thinking about getting the Modi and Magni from Shiit because that's basically all I need, I've never used the optical input on my Sparrow but I like that it's available. What the Sparrow doesent have is the ability to drive some desktops. So before I pull the trigger and just go ahead and pick up the Modi and Magni I was hoping to get some recommendations on an inexpensive DAC Amp...
  Just ordered this from Amazon. It's a 2DVD - 2CD set that looks awesome.
Recently my modded Fostex T50 made its way to BMF via WJE. Wayne had loaned me a pair of headphones, and I sent my T50's his way when I returned his. I was looking for some impressions, and asked if he thought BMF would be interested in listening to them and providing some impressions and some tips as well. Keith ended up doing a little more than that, and now my T50's sound quite a bit different than when Wayne heard them, or when Keith received them. BMF basically did...
I listened to it on MOG. Her website directs you to Amazon or itunes where it's only available as an mp3.
  Great record, thanks!
  Yeah, it's a pretty fun exercise,. I've had that Whitley CD for twenty some years. Not sure I've had it since it was released, but pretty close. I've had Into The Great Wide Open, which was also mentioned for quite a while too. I've also had the Fire Inside by Seger since it came out in 91, and it still gets an occasional listen. No one mentioned that one, so a tip of the hat to Bob.
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