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Price includes shipping within the continental US. I paid $398 including shipping in February of 2015. I just purchased new tubes and they have not been used at all.  115V / USA Plug I am located in the SF bay area near Berkeley campus if anyone is interested in picking up locally - waive $10 shipping fee if you're able to pick it up. 
I purchased these a few years ago and they have served me well. I'm looking for something that fills the room a bit more, as these speakers are for sitting right in front of for their full potential. They are excellent for computer / desk usage. Original packaging and cables are included. Price includes shipping to the continental US and paypal fees.    --------------------------   * Information from Genelec...
Purchased the pair February 2015 for $985. I bought them for use with my HD650s but ended up using the Valhalla as a preamp and the Bifrost as a DAC for a speaker setup. I just used up the tubes and bought a new set but decided to get a dedicated speaker amp instead. I'd like to keep these together, but if there isn't enough interest then I'll send the lovebirds to separate homes.  The units have been sitting on my desk since their unboxing. No visible scars / dings /...
Hey guys! I have owned HD650s for quite some time and absolutely LOVE them. I use them with the Schiit Valhalla 2 and the Bifrost Uber. My question to you all: is it worth trying out a pair of AKG K701 with my setup as another "flavor" to add some variety? If not, what would be a good complement to the HD650 with my amp/dac?    Thanks :)
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely check out the orange globes in addition to the smokies. Or should I get a "holy grail" tube for more cash than getting 2-4 cheaper tubes?    Any thoughts on the Aune X3 and what amp to power it? Or better off going with the T1 into an active speaker like the Audioengine A2 or A5?
Hey guys, I just picked up a pair of HD650s and the T1 Mk2 =) Any thoughts on these tubes:   Good deal? What kind of sound will they have?
Up for sale are my mint condition asg 2's with 2.5 bass drivers installed! The biggest change when going from the 2 to the 2.5 is the bass, so this is a great opportunity to buy what are basically asg 2.5's for a cheap price! 30+ unused tips will be included: Ortofon E-Q5 small, medium, and large, as well as MEElectronics M11+/M11P+ tips (10 pairs).    The headphones were sent in to Dale from Aurisonics and he upgraded the drivers. Warranty card from Aurisonics and a...
Any thoughts on this combination?  I need to be able to record sound (guitar, vocals, lectures, skype), and have a DAC / amp. Will the Apogee be the "one" to do all of this well and pair nicely with the P5s? Wasn't quite sure where to post this as it's sort of an all-in-one rig.  The P5s are at 22 ohm, and the Apogee One puts out 30 ohm.   Thanks!
I have a new pair of P5s for sale. I tried them once to see if they were working (they are). Price includes paypal fee and shipping in the ConUS.
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