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330 Shipped to Continental US (CONUS). I just don't use it much anymore, that's all! I think I have the original box in storage. Please let me know if you want me to look for it but I'd rather not!
 Would something like this be good for digitizing vinyl records? I've seen the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter and wondered if paying $1,800 for the ADC piece alone was overkill, and if this thing is that good, then the answer is yes, that's overkill/overpriced. Or do you think there might be some value in paying that much more anyway? Maybe the DSD?
Ah, I didn't recognize that as a Banksy work. Found, thanks!
 Could you post a link or upload that wallpaper (in full rez)? I love it!
There was a cool pro audio place called SoundFx in Midtown KC that looked great, but it closed down due to some family disputes with the owner(s), unfortunately. There's still Vinyl Renaissance, who might be open to hosting something. They have multiple locations, including one on 39th Street and I think Overland Park.
 Thanks for that! (And in hindsight, sorry for my laziness ) Key word there is properly! I wonder... What got me was when someone on here said that this meant it would take a higher quality input (24/96 or 192) and downsample it on its way in, and then resample it again. Nonsense! This keeps me from really getting to try hi-res with this DAC.
 So, blind or sighted, audiophile casual evaluations are unreliable then? What's the replacement (i.e. "non-casual")? Is this a recommendation that I forget about it (comparing by ear at all), or..?   OK, so what is the PS Audio DLIII DAC doing when "resampling" at the DAC itself (since you define it as happening before the DAC)? Thanks for the information! I'll avoid ASRC.
My DAC is an oversampling DAC. It actually doesn't even give you an option: 24/96 or 24/192, no "none". I read a while back that it will take a 24/96 or 192 file, downscale it to 16/44, and then upscale it again. In addition to that, it doesn't support DSD, and I'll want to try out DSD and hi-res PCM in the future. Should I avoid or favor "oversampling"? What's the pros and cons?
I thought it meant new-old-stock, so "new in box" 90s (or older?) DACs.
Thanks for the response, @Pio2001.You know, that's a very interesting point. I am using a budget at best Ortofon Omega cartridge ($40), which did indeed intrigue me at its apparent ability to best my ~$500 PS Audio DLIII DAC. I came to this conclusion about vinyl with my vintage Polk Audio Monitor 10 speakers and vintage receiver (in sig); I do recall that it always seemed like the setup was just made for vinyl. I suppose I should consider that frequency response and/or...
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