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Gday all, just a quick question if I connect up to the mini coax output on the DX90 is this still using the internal dac ?     thanks..
  Yes they talked to me on there web page.
Email them and asked when its going to be shipped, I sent them about 3 emails and also talked with them  online..
I had to waite 4 days for shipping, on that note its beening delivered today.
ok cool mines on the way  should have it by monday.
how many hours of play ?
Yes it dose but I could not get a good seal, I used a tip from my shure 846 (comply professional ) and cut the middle out, then about 5mm off the end and put that on before i used the roxanne tip.Pm me will send a pic.
I was having problems trying to seal my universals, I took a comply bud and cut it down to insert behind the stock tip that comes with the universal Roxanne’s.Bass was back again and improved very much.
I am in the same boat as you,regret buying from these guys..
I emailed ibasso they told me it should be ready in 10 days, that was 2 days ago so fingers crossed.
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