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I'm selling or trading my pair of Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700 MK2. It has been used for about 5 hours. Comes with both cable, the manual, the protective pouch and the original box. The pair is in a like new condition. I'm asking 130$. Retail price is over 200$. I'm selling them because I own too many pairs of headphones.   Looking for Beyer, Seinheiser, AKG
I had it on my head. Also the pads are real soft on these so I don't think breaking in tha pad is an issue there.
 Exactly what I've experienced. It's spot on. The fact that we observed the same changes is, in my opinion, not a coincidence. I think I'm now a believer of the burn-in process, especially for these cans... !
I never been a believer of the burn-in process, but I just witnessed the biggest sound transformation ever....   5 PM : Putting on my K550 for the first time 5:30 PM: I want to be refunded, they suck big time. I feel like listening to AM Radio....   8 hours later : Damn this is the best pair of closed back headphones I've ever heard. The soundstage is unbelievable for a closed can. Now the bass feel right, they are much more warm...   Do you guys ever had similar...
No but thanks for the offer :)
I don't care if it is separate or not, I'm looking for the best :)   The Audio-GD is pretty ugly tho...
Title says it all, I'd like to know what is the best setup I could get for 500$. As a source I would use my iPhone 5 (lighting) or iPod Nano (32 pin). I want a desktop amp and dac. Also, do you have any recommandations for better source ?
PM sent ! :)
I'm selling/trading these headphones. Like new, no cosmetic wear or anything. Still come with the carrying pouch. They have a msrp of 400$ (which is overprice IMO) and I'm asking 160$ for it. They are very comfortable and look pretty good. As for how they sound, I would say it's comparable to the AKG K551 with a little less details.   Here's the description from their website :   The Royale headphone by AERIAL7 is a luxury stereo headphone crafted from only the...
Shipping to USA would be 15$, price is also negociable !
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