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Any chance on selling the HD600 alone?
ha I hope  
Ever get to that point in SimCity when the map is full and its a real B**** to keep the city going?   I think we are at that point
Well my job cut back on raises a little but other than that I feel pretty happy, I bought two cars at 2.9% and a house at 4.50% in the last year. My wife was also laid off but landed a better job and for more money, she was only out of work for two months. I think we really have lucked out, we work in the video game and health care industries. Our investments however are growing very slowly.
I should mention I have the Valhalla and slightly modded pair of the MS2i and I quite enjoy it. And like grokit said, Schitt has a 15 day return policy so you can "demo at home" as they put it
Well guess what I live in town, we could get together almost anytime!  
Maybe this is fate for those who are waiting for a spot,  but I just found out I can't make it. This working full time really cuts into goofing off
      Rock on! I am bringing my Valhalla so we now have all the Schitt    
Kinda bummed I don't really have a good source to bring, my sflo2 is OK but doesn't sound that great to me compared to my Asus STX but dang who wants to lug the desktop tower plus LCD ?
I want one!  
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