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Not really the point of why I'm buying them. It's to block out distractions so that I can focus on work. Obviously, I do want to have music playing, and I want it to sound good, but I'm not going to have it very loud.   I'm kind of iffy on Philips as a brand, but the Uptown is at least designed for what I'm looking for.   Anything else I should look at?
Bump. As for IEMs, I have some Shure SE535s, which have a fairly thin stem, but I still can't really use them for long periods of time, even with Olive and Comply tips (which I do prefer out of the various ones that I've tried). They keep the AC up pretty high at the office, so ears getting hot doesn't matter... I wear a coat all day at work to stay warm!
Budget: up to $400 used Main concerns: blocking sudden sharp noises; active noise cancelling is not very important, because the only constant noise is a fairly benign air conditioner, but there's lots of talking, coughing, typing, etc. I also need a set comfortable enough to wear for 4-8 hours a day. Musical preference: Mostly jazz, some rock.   IEMs aren't really an option. I have some that I use at the gym, and while they do block a lot of noise, I can't wear...
Hi. I'm looking for a replacement cable for my LCD-2. The main problem that I have is that the connector of the stock cable sticks out too far for my current PC case. Something that's at least an inch shorter at the termination point, as well as more flexible around the connectors to the headphone itself would be ideal. I don't want an expensive cable (seriously, how complicated can a few copper wires be?) What would you recommend?
I mainly use CDs because I don't want to fiddle around with menus when I want to just listen to music :)
Dollar for dollar, the point of diminishing return is well under $100. I've got a number of headphones, ranging from the M-50 to the LCD-2, and while the improvement between the two is IMO, huge, the price difference is also around 10x. If you compared the M50 to one that costs a tenth of its price, the difference in quality is vastly greater than between the M50 and the LCD2. As for how much is too much, the answer is basically "income level". Those with more disposable...
Well, if it's a crappy CD player, it might scratch the disks. But if that's the case, you probably need a new CD player, anyway.
I've got a Droid 2, which I would not recommend as a source. The internal electronics aren't that great, so it adds a fair amount of noise to the signal.
I've got tinnitus, too. My ears are particularly sensitive, and even things like heating and cooling make it worse. While I've avoided loud music (I generally listen in the 50-60db range), between an air show my parents took me to as a kid and several bouts of severe illness, my ears are none too happy.
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