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It doesnt really matter I believe, he is only going to get 48khz out of his iphone.Unless he uses the Apple camera connection kit and inputs to the Hifi-m8 usb-B.As of now he is just using standard cables.Imho.*please do correct me anyone if i am incorrect here.
Lazy link for you rudi. I found the original venturecraft cable to be quite revealing (i havent tried their newest uber cable yet), i found the v-moda to be muddy, just how you describe your usb experience above.
Rudi. Get yourself one of the Venturecraft usb A cables, i found that to make a difference. See my lightning cables thread.
I pair my Dita with the Hifi-M8 (idevice version) using ipod touch 5G -Flacplayer app and Venturecraft lightning cable. The great thing about the Hifi-M8 is it has three impedance switch settings 10/2/1. I can experiment with different settings and iems/headphones easily, it is not as extreme as I once believed. DITA - still lovin em! Head-fi Currawong Hifi-M8 review.
Currawong hifi-m8 review
I am looking forward to the match ups with Fiio X5 and ibasso DX90.
Lightning(venturecraft). I also have a 30pin to usb piccolino custom.
Furutech are just a bit too big for my liking. Better to go for the v-moda for a small fit. . I will probably upgrade to the new Venturecraft and sell off my original cable sometime....
Flacplayer or Onkyo app still only put out at 16/48 max with idevice dac/amps. (Although they can store and play hi-res files it is still down scaled). This can be upped to 24/48, 24/96 etc if you use the CCK and compatible dac/amps.
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