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I need to try the Andromeda with the Hifi Skyn and the Alien now.   And revisit the Jupiter with both sources although I kind of remember what i thought at the time.   If the Nova is source dependent for maximum enjoyment how would you guys describe your daps, PAW gold, AK380, Cowon S and D daps? Warm or not?
Well yesterday as you know I stuck the Nova in my ears for a short time and ended up picking up the Andromeda as I left the house and went about my day. Today as my own personal sacrifice for the common good of this thread and the head-fi community, I braved the nova again to share some of my humble impressions. As listed earlier I used the Centrance Hifi Skyn with Flacplayer app and then later the Shozy Alien gold Dap. Fit was extremely good with the ML sized Spiral...
What DAP/source were you using with the Nova? I am listening now with two different Daps and having a very different experience with both of them. *Going to add my thoughts a bit later.
On it. I have to clean the house! I will do some listening whilst cleaning up. NOVA + Centrance Hifi-skyn, ipod 6G 128GB using Flacplayer app. I have 138 hours on the Nova so far.   Spiral Tips ML. *impressions soon after cleaning the house.
Ken, are these your measurement graphs? Did you also make these ones?
This list of impressions is also true for my experience so far.-//////Ok, call me a liar....I did say I was going to take the Nova out today and I swear I did listen to it at home this morning but the Andromeda pulled me back in.On another note. Today I stopped by one of the big electronic stores here (Yodobashi camera) that have all sorts of audio gear to get some more spiral tips.The staff kept eyeing me whilst i was choosing tips and later doing an A/B of the AK240vs...
Andromeda   Jupiter   Nova       Three is better than two :)   Comparing the Andromeda and Jupiter graphs shows the difference in development and aim for two the headliner IEMs of CA.   I think when they are put together ( and hopefully all five graphs) it will paint a clearer picture of what each IEM in the Campfire Audio series is aiming to achieve.   Although of course measurements are one thing and ears another.
Not really, not to my ears. Which is why it is taking a longer time than usual to put my finger on what it is exactly the Andromeda does.
Some basic notes (Build and fit).   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/some-notes-on-campfire-audio-iems-faqs.html   `I have reviewed the CA Jupiter  http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/03/campfire-audio-jupiter-iem-review.html and am now in the process of reviewing the Andromeda and the Nova. Sound aside, yes the main question will be reserved for a future article... `Which Campfire Audio IEM is right for me?` ...as I have not completed my listening, nor reviews for the...
Thanks Ken.   I am loving the Andromeda and taking copious notes trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that CA Andromeda does, and does so well.   So the Freq charts are definitely helpful, and whilst I am not technically proficient enough to interpret them correctly it does confirm a few points for me.
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