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Centrance Mini-M8 - ipod touch 5G - Flacplayer app - Venturecraft 7N lightning cable - DITA The Truth. also Hifi-M8.    
Centrance Mini-M8 unboxing pron. Charging it up now, initial impressions to follow. Stay tuned.
Mine is close by, i missed deliveries the last two days. Hopefully the Fedex man comes at a decent time today.
Lets get some flacplayer app screenshots with skyn and 24/96.
did you mean to write......'is not leading folks'. ?
I went today to the show. I tried a new dac/amp I hadn't seen before by Pioneer. Not as many people this year perhaps, but it was still too overcrowded as it was jammed in two rooms.
The trouble with the Mini-M8 is that there hasnt been enough reviews or impressions as of yet.   One or two people have shared their impressions of the Mini-M8 and some have reported hiss, this is far from conclusive. Usually the first impressions/reviews are what people remember - whether on not they are accurate or true for most of the users.   We havent enough information of what kind of source they were using, their files, the headphones etc.   When I tried it...
My Mini-M8 is on the way. Impressions coming soon
It would be good If people could add what source/player they used whilst using/demo-ing the DITAs.   This makes a lot of difference to end result and impressions. ipod classic vs AK240 for example.
Hmm, I might pop along.
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