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I change back and forth from the stock silicone to jvc spiral tips. They are similar. Searching for that perfect fit.
ooh, i see. Apologies Sir.
in that case google Noble Savanna
Chord interview http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2015/12/chord-electronics-interview-with-john.html?m=1
i have reviews for both on my blog. See link in my signature.RegardsExpat
Nice review Shigzeo!
Campfire Audio Nova? Depends also what kind of sound you are looking for.
Anyone have the basic Seiun player? I haven't read many impressions of it so far.
I A/B the Centrance Hifi-Skyn against the AK240 recently and found them to be very close. Different dacs that have a slightly different signature, IE: the Ak240 had more micro details down deep, but yes incredibly close. *As also mentioned per DrSheeps earlier Skyn review.
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