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AK players were mainly the idea for the optical. At the time the idea of coax was floated about but was nixed, also many if the Daps around now 'Fiio, ibasso etc didnt exist at that time. I think the up and coming Hifi-m8 mini has more inputs. The Hifi-m8 was to be a jack of all trades, many cooks cooking the broth.
Yes, sometimes its better just to spend the extra money upfront for a decent cable (or any product). Buy once and it saves on disappointment, breakage or poor performance.....and then spending more money to replace the poor product with an effective one. Buy once.   Looking forward to your next update.
The trouble with Android devices is they are all different, so some work, some dont.     _______________________________________________________________   *Hifi-M8 wiki   ____________________________________________________________   *Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8  As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport) Thanks to...
Also make sure the on switch is to the left. USB-B. To the right is for AK or A
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Also this is a dac/amp. Not an amp-it wont work with thise devices if you are looking for an amp. Apple, some android with the usb audio recorder pro app, And the astell kern players for the LX version. The apple products only work with the LX version if you use the camera connection kit. These queries would have been better prepurchase
See my post five posts up. It has the hifi-m8 wiki link and also the the tail end a faqs.
I have messaged the updated OP to firev1.   Here it is in all its blazing glory.   __________________________________________   Due to several requests that from the HF community  that a Head-fier who have actually pre-ordered a unit should start a thread I have made this impressions thread.   This thread is in development.   1). OP/first page is general information and specs(In development). 2). Second post is a FAQs. 3). Third post is where you will find...
Hmm, the first post if this thread isnt helpful either. I will send him the updated version from the hifi-m8 impressions thread. Please look there for extra information on the op. Also check out the hifi-m8 wiki which one helpful member made. I remember most of us thought the impedance switch was 1,2,11 at first until i messaged mgoodman and found out it was 11,2,1ohms.
Fostex is a Dac/amp for idevices. Duet is an amp. You may have to decide what you are looking for, perhaps give us more information. There are many amps and dac/amps on thr market these days, each with their own sound and strong/weak points.
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