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I am not sure whether to trust what flacplayer is displaying.  It could be displaying 96Hz but only putting out 48 or 41.   But the display is curious for sure.   ________________________________________   Flacplayer is only FLAC, yes.   I have the Onkyo app, but prefer Onkyo.
Using iphone 4 and flacplayer app btw. Latest OS.
16/96 using a standard 30 pin cable. With the Teac. To add to the mix of 30pin vs lightning in the hi res conversation. Where is the chokepoint?, 24 bits, hardware, cable, software....?
Neil Youngs -Greatest Hits on the train today with DITA-The Truth, Hifi-M8 and ATH-ESW11. bliss.
There are several newer models of idevices that do 16/96 that i have found recently. The AK10 with recent update, the HA-P50 player from TEAC, and another new brand (very tiny) that i tried at Tokyo headphone show but i forget the name. Photos are in the Tokyo Headphone impressions thread. HA-P50. So 16/96 is doable via lightning to a couple of idevice dac/amps (with touch5), i havent tried the 30pin with these devices. Two if them are lightning only. I could try the...
I could consolidate impressions in the OP. Give me a bit of time to do that of course. Also the OP could do with some updating also. Thanks.
Great photos, I wish I had taken more....and I also wish I could use my camera properly.
There are more larger set ups in some rooms, but its not practical for most exhibitors to ferry the gear to the show as many will be just catching a train. I didnt take any photos of the computer or larger set ups as they arent so photogenic to me. plus i like portable. ________________________________________ great pics Anakchan always!
i am looking forward to hearing about this combination.
No sorry, i didnt ask to try the Gold Edition, they looked so pretty in their box i didnt want to disturb them. :)
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