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Sorry. This is the closed Skyn thread. Please see my post above yours.   something like this. White and silicon.   I think foam might change the Ditas sound sig too much.
I use Ortofon tips. L or LL size (I forget which).   If its isolation you want you need a good fit, the DITAS can be a bit hard to learn how to insert properly, they also have a shortish stem for some people.
Currently with standard Apple music app and also other apps the playback is set to 16/48. If one uses a standard idevice dac/amp on the market with (flacplayer app etc) their iphone/touch 24/96 files will playback at 16/48. If one uses say another app (say flacplayer) this can expand to 24/96 to 24/96 etc if using a CCK and an external dac amp. Skyn will playback at native resolution, for example 24/96 will playback at 24/96. Ipads are another discussion. Amirite...
Its 16/48 for iphones, touch. Cypherlabs wrote a good piece on it.
I use Flacplayer app, i have tried most of them and find that to be the best. Imho.
Thanks for sharing :)
Venturecraft 7N XXX Quite even. Venturecraft original/black XxX More emphasis on low and high end. Vmoda Tuono XXx More emphasis on the low end. Imhe.
Vmoda tuono is quite cheap on usa amazon these days.
I trawled through the thread for ages trying to find out about using the Hifi-M8 with external devices such as feeding a home system
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