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Uitaaudio PMP-354P Music Purifier, Effect Audio Thor ii IEM cable and balanced 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor, iBasso IT03 IEMs
Hmm this video making is easier than I thought. Basic Mango player interface. (I missed fast forward once i think). Please have a look at my other two videos - interview with Head pie (turn on subtitles).
Passed the 160 hour mark with the DX200. It is interesting the various changes it has gone through. Fresh out of the box, 50 hours, 75 hours 100, 150..... I am interested in other impressions and comparisons with their totl daps as the hours of burn in go by. I am mainly using only two IEMs during this process so I pick up the general changes. I am looking forward to the reaching the recommended 200 hours to see what iBasso's intended final sound signature is. It is...
My video was a response to the earlier video Where the owner was clearly having some trouble. Just a contrast. I missed touching the buttons a few times. Holding the camera and using the ui was a bit harder than i thought. Heres my iBasso UI Android Mango (I missed the fast forward button a couple of times)
ifi Micro iDSD BL, iBasso DX200 SPDIF and Campfire Audio Nova. Weekend fun
ifi Micro iDSD BL, iBasso DX200 SPDIF and Campfire Audio Nova. Mixing and matching whilst the weekend is on.
ifi Micro iDSD BL and iBasso IT03 (transportable) ifi Micro iDSD BL, iBasso DX200 SPDIF and Campfire Audio Nova.
Hifi-m8 faqs from the impressions thread *Impedance switch is 11-2-1. _______________________________________________________________ *Line out: Set the gain at 2 and turn the volume to maximum, this is effectively the Line Out. HiFi-M8 is designed so that you can achieve "line level" output by keeping the gain switch in the middle position and putting the volume...
Who knows? Probably just to concentrate on getting those Pro/ProX models out. I am sure they would be happy to have that all done. I'm always happy to finish any project. Seiun player and JR were produced as well as the feather dac, plus some various earphones... so that holds promise. Also the demo units with their particular firmware/players/apps being present at audio shows, as well as their appearance at shows in Japan etc is a good sign. Delays are frustrating,...
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