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1. No.2. No.3. No. If you have hi-res it with playback as hi-res. say 24/96 will playback as 24/96 with the CCK and USB-B. 4. Just use the lightning cable for this one.5. I don`t know.6. I dont know.   You can load 24/48 onto your phone but it will still only playback at 16 bits, sorry. ______________________________________________________  Does the Centrance Hifi-Skyn plays back 24 bits?. lets test the Hifi-M8!Using Flacplayer app (Onkyo app is sub par imho, it also...
I have about20 hours on it so far. I am leaving it playing overnight and then listening during my daily commute. I am not skipping songs which is a good sign for me that I am enjoying the Shozy Alien. I have not heard the earlier versions of the Alien, only the Gold.
Initial impressions are positive. Shozy recommends it have 200 hours on it to open up fully. I would describe it so far as organic and accurate.
I have the new Gold Shozy Alien DAP.   Listening to it now out of the box with ATH-ESW11.   Very nice - looking forward to what it can do with a few hours under its belt.   unboxing photos on my blog;)
Great review Mark!
...but I doubt it. Centrance have been telling us what has been happening all the way through, its been pretty clear. Annnnd I know you're angry. Nearly there, one more to go.
You are welcome. I found a few useful tidbits in the manual, also an answer to one of my wonderings.
I emailed and asked Centrance for a link to the Hifi-Skyn and they obliged. Thanks. http://www.centrance.com/products/hifi-skyn/HiFi-Skyn_manual.pdf http://www.centrance.com/products/hifi-skyn/HiFi-Skyn_manual.pdf
My minimalist review :)   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/02/fiio-m3-portable-music-player.html   regards expat.   Hoping to complete a FiiO budget set up soon. M3 plus EX1.
I just click add and off they go. Once out of 50 albums i might have track trouble and album art has to added right. But mixing of tracks? No. Macbook pro and ipod touch Flacplayer by Dan Leehr
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