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EN700 Simgot/Suzaku
Thank you Head-fi for putting this thread on the front page.
Yes, they had two or three new models.
i tried the Samba this weekend. Its a darker different flavor to the reference JOMO 6R.Andromeda and Samba are both great IEMs, but the aim and sound of each are quite different.
Thats why i choose the iphone5/ ipod touch model. More versatile.
Shozy Alien Gold and Echobox Finder X1
I put up some photos of the e-earphone show with a good number of the Echobox dap http://www.head-fi.org/t/814339/e-earphone-show-tokyo-japan-7-16-2016#post_12725554
@jdog The number of volume steps are purely beta. To comment on them would not be helpful at this point imho. I recommended to Cyberdrive 100-150 steps. There was sufficent power and volume.
JVC spiral tips for me
I gave them feedback on giving regular updates just recently.
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