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Perhaps you could mail centrance with your findings and then report back to us. Mgoodman on balanced.
where did you come across this gem of information. It seems at variance with what Centrance has said.
thats the idea!
LOL....annnd its opened.
Got a friends cable you can try?
Try again with the music app to narrow it down. Also try a hard reset on your phone( on/off button and home button).
yup, for usb-B port the switch should be to the left.
A few ideas through the usb-b port for hi-res playback. Through the mfi idevice usb-a port you are limited to 16/41, 16/44 or possibly 16/48.
To whomever is cable shopping- I would go for the 7cm, those 4inch(10cm) seem a little too long. imho. I have the Vmoda Tuono lightning ( 9.5cm, 3.75 inches), you can find pictures in the picture section of this thread.or check this thread- you can see what the size is like.   On reflection maybe 10cm isnt too bad, but I prefer a smaller footprint.
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