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http://www.head-fi.org/products/meze-11-neo/reviews/17059   Meze Neo 11 review now up  
Ok.As others have noted it is a Skeleton watch ( a watch often without a face that reveals the inner workings).This particular watch was originally made by Omega as a pocket watch (on a chain) around 1920.Recently it was remade as a wristwatch, and the front engraved with various symbolism, and the inside back with a skull.No battery, just wind up and go.Added photos....And some portable rig to stay on topic...Campfire Audio Jupiter
Hah ha. Nice one (i keel yew later senor...)
Using the Nova atm. I forgot how smooth and cool these are. Using the Jupiter tinsel 2.5mm balanced cable to Opus#1. Had a lot of enjoyment revisiting the Jupiter this morning
A wrist watch. (Sorry, working. More later).
Taking a break from the review trail... Campfire Audio Jupiter balanced out Tinsel, Opus#1 Dap.
IBasso make one also
Just got the M4, review to follow.   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/10/advanced-m4-unboxing.html
Campfire Audio recommends silicone tips with the Nova (If I recall correctly).
looking forward to your future impressions.I always like to read what you write.
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