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When the new ones come in I will take some intimate portraits of the tips just for you...
ortofon e-Q8/e-Q7/e-Q5
Yeah. I only ordered two packs of 1 pair each a looonnggg time ago. Just ordered two big packs online of M and L sizes from e-earphone today.The only pair that I still know where they are are live on my ATH-CK10 which i had loaned out and got back yesterday.So comfortable- my recent love affair with spiral tips is waning.
Trying Ortofon now with the Andromeda. I forgot how comfortable they are.  Sounds fab. Better match than  the JVC spiral tips. imho.
I haven't tried my Ortofon tips as of yet.Getting a good fit and seal with what I using now, so I have not looked elsewhere.
I change back and forth from the stock silicone to jvc spiral tips. They are similar. Searching for that perfect fit.
ooh, i see. Apologies Sir.
in that case google Noble Savanna
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