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Bic camera Shinjuku. They have a new cable wall next to all the dac/amps, Daps and portable amps.
I'll probably sell my earlier Venturecraft and Vmoda lightning cable if this newer cable proves superior(if i can work out my paypal receiving payments, haha).
Hmm, shot in the dark question.   The upcoming new Sony PHA-3 looks like it may take a 3.5mm female to splitter adapter cable which seems better than modding/butchering my cabled headphones. I`m not really sure how it would work.   Is it true balanced?     ________________________________________________________________________   if this is the case would I be able to get to get balanced by having a 3.5mm female to either 4XL pin or RSA/Kobiconn adapter...
I was out shopping in Tokyo and saw the latest Venturecraft lightning cable that I dont really need....but of course bought the expensive thing anyway to see how it compares :) haha.   impressions coming soon.    
Sunday for me, hopefully.
Eggcellent. Thank you. I might pop by on the sunday briefly.
Will the show be at Nakano or Gaien-Mae?   Thanks.
I have ATH-ESW9, you can pick them up fairly cheaply used sometimes- a great headphone. ATH-ESW11- overpriced? Maybe, but it is A Ltd Edition model and sounds great for a portable.
Yeah theres a post somewhere where i compare all four es models in terms of general size etc.
Sorry :). quote the interesting stuff you find.
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