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@Eron. No news sorry.
Centrance said they are three to four weeks away if all goes well.
I will mail Centrance and see If we can get an update as to the release. They have a few products in the works, they are busy with Mixerface and also the Glove at the moment also. I was hoping for an October release.
i found my DITAs sprawled on the floor when I got home, my wife had permitted our 3.5 year old son to play with them..........groan.   They seem ok.
¥92,500 plus consumption tax=  ¥99,000 .   round it up to ¥100,000.   ;)   *If you have a bic camera card you can get 10% back on store credit also.
Good question! Hmm, that first one looks like an upside down 6, so I`m calling it a 9, that second one looks like a distorted downside up 5 mixed with the letter S, so I`m going with a 2 at a stretch, the next one is difficult a sit resembles an upside 5-but its hard to make out being originally an Arabic character of some sort, I will take a plunge and name it 5, the next ones look like eyes but with no pupils, the not all seeing eyes, double nothings, snakes eyes without...
Photos here:   great pics. Glad I finally got to see how the whole balanced thing was being done.   __________________________________________________________     saw an advert in my local store today, looks like an october 18th release. Probably so they can show it off at the main Fujiya Avic audio show that following weekend (24/25th).  
Japan 10/18 release I saw today in my local store.       Great t finally see how the balanced works.
Here you go ....output impedances of many daps and amps etc....including the X3.
Some say 8, others in the business I've heard say its closer to 10. I have a Hifi-M8 which has impedance switches for 11/2/1 ohms headphone output. I have tried it which many in ears and over the ears headphones. The difference in sound output bass/treble is quite minimal at best.
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