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The Teac/Onkyo is in the same ballpark as the Sony and Fostex. The solo is difficult as it changes depending on which amp its paired with. Then the next step up is the Hifi-M8 and Theorum. Down the bottom the AK10 and X1(?). I cant give any more details on the Teac and Onkyo but have listened to them both a couple of times. I will go to the store soon If you like and refresh my impressions.
How many hours do you have on the ditas? I find when i use my iphone 4 or touch5g only as source i need the open tips (at the. Expense of bass).the bass gets too cloudy otherwise with the reference or sony tips. When i throw my Centrance hifi-m8 into the mix the sony tips and Dita tips are great.
Ortofon tips arrived today. I got L sized, couldnt see any LL size on offer. I will try them out tomorrow.
The Sony tips sound similar to the medium bore tips.
What tips are you using? How much use/hours has your DITA had?
No need posting pictures for this imho, the cable has gone from twisting serpentine like (But remember I got an early production version from DITA, no intended for sale in shops) to being straight. If I hold the ear pieces the cable hangs vertically straight down (allowing for a small curve near the earpieces to fit the ears). No damage to the cable, just refinement. If you cable is fine as is and doesnt curl when in use, then no need for the hairdryer treatment. I hope my...
Thanks!  :)
where is a good place to buy them? I couldnt see them on amazon japan.
I got some XL(?) or LL sony tips (theres a photo in the DITA-the Truth thread of the packaging) that were close in sound to the reference tips, they fit much better. I find that I have to slide the DITAs in, vertically down to get a good fit. Usually i push tips in straight, or from the back of the ear towards the front.
The DITAs take a while to burn in/open up. I am looking forward to your impressions. I found the reference tips great at first, but now find the large bore tips sound great, and the double flange.
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