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The historical blog posts seem in line with Mr.Goodmans recent statements also.
2).  (For your reference). I dont see any contradiction myself. *Having met Mr.Goodman several times I truly believe his intention was to be sincere in his reply and definitely not sarcasm. imho.
Going through the blog, dont know if its helpful or not...anyway, I am tired after that.   The posts are fairly old and from the early days of development.
I gave up keeping up a year or so ago, too many products coming out now.
I have small ears and they are over the ear for me.
Perhaps you could mail centrance with your findings and then report back to us. Mgoodman on balanced.
where did you come across this gem of information. It seems at variance with what Centrance has said.
thats the idea!
LOL....annnd its opened.
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