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Wasting time at Starbucks in between work. About to unleash the Centrance Mini-M8 and DITA-The Truth. (Photo taken with my source - Touch 5G).
I am working on a Mini-M8 review at the moment. Its a great little unit.
Hmm?' It seems i posted on the first page eight months ago, sorry-slipped my mind.
Its been quite a while. A year or so I remember it displayed 96. But with my special testing file of 24 bits it gave me no sound back. I will retest soon.
test it with flacplayer app. Idevice dac/amps are generally limited to outputting at 16/48 although some apps will take larger files -they downsize.
@Ditti Any double flange reference tips coming out? Also reference LL size tips please.
Centrance fans don't forget to also check out the Mini-M8.
Nope. I am curious about what source he is using. Amazing we can contact people around the world so easily.
I did the sensible and found his Twitter account and asked him ;)   Now.......we wait....
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