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A few ideas through the usb-b port for hi-res playback. Through the mfi idevice usb-a port you are limited to 16/41, 16/44 or possibly 16/48.
To whomever is cable shopping- I would go for the 7cm, those 4inch(10cm) seem a little too long. imho. I have the Vmoda Tuono lightning ( 9.5cm, 3.75 inches), you can find pictures in the picture section of this thread.or check this thread- you can see what the size is like.   On reflection maybe 10cm isnt too bad, but I prefer a smaller footprint.
The 7cm looks like a good size, and cheap too
Hmm, thats a bummer about the 30 pin cables! I dont remember reading anything about the change.
31.0lb 41.8lb 93.0lb
probably an oversight. I recommend contacting centrance.Of course the lod only comes with the idevice version which i understand you have.
I also found i had to push the DITAs straight down for my left ear hole, for my right it feels like i push them in and forward. But what my hands think they are doing on either side of my head is probably like the sober test when they ask a drunk person to spread their arms and touch their nose. Getting a seal has always been difficult on my left ear, now i wonder whether i was inserting them properly. But anyway, having luck with the sony LL.
ha ha.Same as me, its my left ear that always doesnt seem to fit with IEMs, i have mentioned already in this thread that i have finally had success with Sony LL tips and the Dita. I recommend trying them, they are close to the included reference tips.
Please see page 1 OP for the different Hifi-m8 configerations. Hifi-m8 - ipod etc, PC/mac, android Hifi-M8 LX - AK100 etc, pc/mac, android.
I had trouble with my iphone bumper/case, I cut away at the bumper.
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