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Bug Report Format Firmware: 2.0.78 beta Bug Found in: Mango Mode Issue Description: some album artwork not displaying (jpg). minimal bug.
Updating to v2.0.78   v1.3.60 I liked this firmware very much, nice and snappy for me.   v1.5.69 This was a fix for screen issues some users were experiencing (not me). A bit too slow for me on the touchscreen.   v2.0.78 So far so good. seems snappy enough. Needs a full test which I will do tomorrow.
Thanks. I will wait until you have made the first table before I post. Maybe a format is good. Firmware: Bugs:Android: Bugs:Mango:
No, just more my brief note to outline more the differences between vega and the dream. The Dream does have its own sound. Just not Vega like
I have a quick guide in my review.See my signature.
What what. Another Firmware! Cool
Mr. Pinkypowers. True. Quite neutral, and a great price. As for tagging. I just drag and drop. I'm lazy like that. My Opus#1 review. Is in my sig
I've tried the Dita Dream twice at shows. It is very different to the Vega which has more bass. It is nearer in sound (but not alike) to the Jupiter or Andromeda.
Mac user here.Plug it in.Down swipe the screen for usb options. Choose transfer files.Using android file transfer application.I think i cover it in my review. (?).See my sig.
  iBasso DX200   My review is now up.     I do hear some of you are still having some UI issues. I hope they will be sorted out soon. Paul from iBasso is definitely listening.   regards expat
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