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I like the look of the MR3
'I'm lovin it'!.
The file has no sound via lightning to usb-a on hifi-m8. (faint) sound on hifi-m8 to usb-b. (faint) sound on hifi-skyn. Hifi-M8 via USB-A has always been stuck at 16/44 or 16/48. I have two music files sent to me a few years back by an audio company to test various dac amps on the market and whether they could actually play back 24 bits, or not. (as most claimed they did 24/etc). You either hear sound,... or you dont on the second test...
1. No.2. No.3. No. If you have hi-res it with playback as hi-res. say 24/96 will playback as 24/96 with the CCK and USB-B. 4. Just use the lightning cable for this one.5. I don`t know.6. I dont know.   You can load 24/48 onto your phone but it will still only playback at 16 bits, sorry. ______________________________________________________  Does the Centrance Hifi-Skyn plays back 24 bits?. lets test the Hifi-M8!Using Flacplayer app (Onkyo app is sub par imho, it also...
I have about20 hours on it so far. I am leaving it playing overnight and then listening during my daily commute. I am not skipping songs which is a good sign for me that I am enjoying the Shozy Alien. I have not heard the earlier versions of the Alien, only the Gold.
Initial impressions are positive. Shozy recommends it have 200 hours on it to open up fully. I would describe it so far as organic and accurate.
I have the new Gold Shozy Alien DAP.   Listening to it now out of the box with ATH-ESW11.   Very nice - looking forward to what it can do with a few hours under its belt.   unboxing photos on my blog;)
Great review Mark!
...but I doubt it. Centrance have been telling us what has been happening all the way through, its been pretty clear. Annnnd I know you're angry. Nearly there, one more to go.
You are welcome. I found a few useful tidbits in the manual, also an answer to one of my wonderings.
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