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The latest firmware is really nice sounding
To be fair, i did also post that Campfire Audio have excellent customer service and to get in contact with them.Whenever a friends audio item is faulty or breaks I always urge them first to get in touch with the company to find a solution before posting on forums and social media.As others have noted its an isolated case amongst 1000s of units.As i suggested that Campfire Audio would no doubt fix the problem it was obvious that my main concern was to help find a solution...
Hmm looks to me as Campfire Audio were prepared for Apples iphone 7 announcement and you now have some suitable wireless earphones!*jokes aside- contact Campfire Audio- they have great customer service.
I started a Opus #2 thread to get the ball rolling... http://www.head-fi.org/t/819708/thebit-opus-2-dap-out-september-october-2016#post_12850739
reserved for specs etc
reserved for review
http://www.audio-opus.com/ Specifications I did a review of thebit OPUS#1 Dap on my site Head Pie here: http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/07/the-bit-opus1-dap-review-expatinjapan.html *Opus#1 Dap single end 3.5mm jack, and 2.5mm balanced out jack. The OPUS#2 seems like a step up from what is already seen as an excellent DAP (OPUS#1) by many reviewers. The price is to be estimated to be around the US$1000- US$1500.
Yes, the fujiya avic show. I thought perhaps there was a September show i missed hearing about
Whens the show?
Thanks. I think you covered the basic differences in your post just before.Thanks for taking the time.(Wondering about getting a Litz balanced cable when they get released)
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