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They both have a solid well made build. Sound quality is better/ more transparent on the JVC. The teac still sounds great at its price point. Tomscy2000 wrote a nice piece two posts up. I think i will go back soon for a more extended and critical listen to both, an the sony pha-2.
Yep, every man and his dog are jumping on the idevice wagon it seems.
I tried the Teac again today (in store). I was surprised at the price, quite resonable. Comparable to the Sony from memory. I used Touch 5G, venturecraft lightning cable, flacplayer app (FLAC) an DITA The Truth in ears. The sound was quite clear. A warmth to it. The bass seemed too much to my ears. I used high gain by accident by the looks of the photo(have to return). I also tried the JVC su-ax7. Quite nice.
i want to hear the test results of whether you have the clap first, ...then we can talk about the picollo tour
Looking forward to hearing the results of your tests!
Who gave you the clap? Is it yours to keep?
Trying the ortofon tips today. I found the iphone4 still a bit muddy in bass and mids at times, with the touch 5g quite a good match. Nice clarity. Next: to try them with the hifi-m8.
The Teac/Onkyo is in the same ballpark as the Sony and Fostex. The solo is difficult as it changes depending on which amp its paired with. Then the next step up is the Hifi-M8 and Theorum. Down the bottom the AK10 and X1(?). I cant give any more details on the Teac and Onkyo but have listened to them both a couple of times. I will go to the store soon If you like and refresh my impressions.
How many hours do you have on the ditas? I find when i use my iphone 4 or touch5g only as source i need the open tips (at the. Expense of bass).the bass gets too cloudy otherwise with the reference or sony tips. When i throw my Centrance hifi-m8 into the mix the sony tips and Dita tips are great.
Ortofon tips arrived today. I got L sized, couldnt see any LL size on offer. I will try them out tomorrow.
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