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Lol. I check via safari. I just use mailbox when i want to save a video
    Music apps I have hoarded.
          seeing as there has been some app talk.   This is the app I use... Flacplayer.   The beauty of this is not only does it play hi res via CCK but it also displays the bitrate (onkyoHF is a bit misleading that way).   pic 1. regular 41 files via USB A. pic 2. 24/96 files playing via usb-A down sampled to 16/48 (Touch max output). pic 3. 24/192 file playing at native resolution of 24/192 (24/96 also works) via CCK to usb-B.     16/41 is enough...
yes, theres a thread somewhere. its meant to be fairly successful with android devices and external dac/amps.
      A few shots of my Touch 5G showing various CCK out. With Centrance Hfi-m8, no need for extra usb wart.     (I generally use the Venturecraft 7N lightning cable to usb type A)
*Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8  As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport) Thanks to Wormsdriver.     is that the same app you guys are trying?
Ah that happens.   Looking forward to your future impressions.
Well at $50 I will have to pass on it then. I will stick to flacplayer app. enjoy.
Is Relisten more than an over priced and glorified EQ and loudness boosted app?   I went through many EQ apps several years ago and was astounded at the time, but as my gear got more upmarket the dac/amps I would play the apps through would show the short comings of the apps.   AK10 is at the lower end and is barely a leg up on the Touch 5G-If even that...and more useful If seen as an amp.
Did you charge up the battery first? Going on the offchance it may have arrived with an uncharged battery. Also the switch should be to the right for IOs devices. Also try to check if it works with a computer via battery power.
New Posts  All Forums: