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I am glad you are all enjoying the pictures. See the link in my signature below for photos from the Tokyo show in October. Also a link to my reviews, please take a look.
My review from the other month for those who came in late. http://www.head-fi.org/products/ibasso-it03/reviews/17024
I will keep you updated. Hopefully I have time to do unboxing photos and a listen tomorrow
This is an earlier photo I took. My unit is still in thr box. I might do the unboxing tomorrow. Then more information and impressions to follow
Reviewing coming soon
Listening to the Andromeda today. Pure bliss
Cozoy Rei dac/amp
Thanks my friend
I saw the pictures on Facebook and am quite excited by this decent mid priced Dap. Well done FiiO
I think the seasoned audiohead is a good point, or blessed with good hearing or young ears. What ever activity we do we get better at it and notice more details and fine tune within those parameters. There is also the thing of listening to the music or the gear. I have become much better at it, an analogy could be a wine expert, but I am am not as great as some. As a hobbyist reviewer I have to listen to the gear. The last two weeks I have been studying for examination...
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