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nice review. I am going to reread it later.Nice and succinct. Imho reviews lately have been getting ridiculously long, I appreciate brevity.
Still waiting to hear the CA Sirius Dap....
Why so sirius?
Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr for me. Less colored than Kaisertone
Tried a different cable?
Go., go Echobox!
Go., go Echobox!
No, i just have a very small card, maybe 8gb.I can try one of my larger micro SD cards for you.Often there is an ideal way to arrange the music on these devices, like Shozy Alien Gold.Perhaps make several music folders by genre- and have less than 100 songs per folder? Just an untested theory.
This is the model i reviewed, priced at $70-80. *It seems some comments didnt check my review first and are confusing the Seiun plsyer with the Seiun Pro /X player.
New Posts  All Forums: