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  Nova review is up.   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/campfire-audio-nova-review-expatinjapan.html   Enjoy   kind regards expat
Nearly there on the review, expect more of the same of what you have already read in this thread.
Hopefully my Nova review will be up this weekend.
  I just got one. Review to follow.     http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/m2tech-hiface-dac-unboxing-expatinjapan.html
I prefer paper and pencil, names written down and drawn from a hat. Tactile and traditional
The brand new Campfire Audio Nova was just on Massdrop.
Some of my unboxing photos are taken under direct light. And the Andromeda look overly bright green at times. I think this photo portrays their coloring quite well.
I'm excited that some of the the Novas have been shipped. I will be able to read soon If my impressions were accurate (where upon I shall bathe in the glow and glory of forum adulation for accuracy) ....or whether I was way off (and then hunted down and publicly whipped for my poor assessment).
Exciting times. Congrats Echobox, genuine nice guys who deserve to win!
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