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@Ditti Any double flange reference tips coming out? Also reference LL size tips please.
Centrance fans don't forget to also check out the Mini-M8.
Nope. I am curious about what source he is using. Amazing we can contact people around the world so easily.
I did the sensible and found his Twitter account and asked him ;)   Now.......we wait....
I use Flacplayer app. I have tried most of the popular others and have ended up preferring it. Give the Mini-M8 4-10 hours to open up.
The stems are too short I find.   I am using Ortofon tips which I found to be the best fit so far.
Day 2.   Using Dita-The Truth IEMs.   -Gain 1 comfortable at full volume. -Ran to the train with it in my jacket pocket for 20 meters or so, no issues. -Gain 2 sounds better to me, more bass.   Later that day.....   -Mini-M8 seems to be more even now. Whether I am adjusting to it, or the device is breaking in, I don`t know. -I`ve just started to enjoy it now (Its around the four hour mark).   Listening volume I prefer. -I need 4 turns on Gain 1 (max). -2.5 -...
I emailed Centrance yesterday requesting updated detailed specs and they wrote back saying they would send them to me soon.
Mini-M8 is a portable audiophile DAC with a balanced headphone amplifier, 24/192kHz audio bandwidth, super-low THD, four digital inputs, DSD and asynchronous USB. Inputs include iPhone/iPad, USB, optical and coaxial SPDIF.       I would like to try out the Mini-M8 with other devices also.   Can anyone recommend cables? What DAPs?
Good write up Starblue.   I tried the Pioneer last weekend at the Fujiya Avic portable headphone show.
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