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solved it. My Macbook is too old and needs OS 10.9.
Thanks. I will try tomorrow and report back
I can see the menu, with everything. Just not the music.
Ooh. I will try that then. Thanks
I cant seem to see the music files when i connect to my macbook now.. I can use an external card reader for the micro sd card. But i want to see the internal memory too (as i want to delete a music file thats playing up). Lil help
Still too early sorry, and swamped with other products to review also atm
Ooh, I crave a Ref 8 2.5mm MMCX balanced cable for my Campfire Audio IEMs to use with the Opus#1 dap and my Mini-M8 (with adapter).
I give myself around two weeks from now to do a decent job on the review ...(in-between family and work life etc..) It was a bit shouty or peaky 5-7khz before burn in. Highs seem smoother now and the bass has tightened up over the 150 hours to name a few points.
150 hours! Found the right tips (Stock short, large bore). Game on.
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