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From my review, I collated some general info for a quick guide.   Handy UI hints The Shozy Alien Gold does not come with a users manual so I went in search of reviews of the earlier original Shozy Alien in search of answers. There are many more reviews within Head-fi that talk about how to organize files etc that I recommend our readers to also look into. The ones I have added below were useful to me initially as they concern the basic UI. -I have read that each Folder...
Yeah the review mainly has advice on the buttons etc. What I wrote above rings true though. No FLAC over 41.1, and get rid of any album art etc, just add the music. I hope it works out for you.
see the back of the box for the FLAC the Alien plays.Alien supports up to 24/41.1 playback. a common mistake is to put 16/44 on it. mostly I have 16/41.1 FLAC on mine. Also each folder can only hold up to 99 songs, any extra and they won`t appear. I have more details in my review on Head Pie If its any help.
Happy CA Family
My JOMO 6R review   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/jomo-audio-6r-universal-iem-review.html   enjoy   kind regards expat
I'm still on Flacplayer (by Dan Leehr) It seems the most uncolored and pure.
Opus #1 and Jomo 6R
I am enjoying my first full day. Very clear, lets my earphones do the work. I like the colorless, flat aspect.
CA Dap Perfect! Decided against a banjo- too Deliverence.....
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