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My Mini-M8 is on the way. Impressions coming soon
It would be good If people could add what source/player they used whilst using/demo-ing the DITAs.   This makes a lot of difference to end result and impressions. ipod classic vs AK240 for example.
Hmm, I might pop along.
Yep. You need a great source to make great earphones shine.
Gthat is correct.Thanks Mike.
It is early days and we haven't really heard a wide range of impressions as of yet. So its too soon to draw any definite conclusions. When a new product is released I like to hear in detail about what files, source, cables, headphones etc are being used when a user is sharing impressions or writing a review. I look forward to receiving my Mini-M8 in the near future and sharing my impressions with you all.
Mikemercer - try it with flacplayer app please. If you tap the screen it shows bitrates
Lucky you ! Enjoy.
Nice doing business with you, Sir. Have a nice day :).
your avatar picture says it all, haha.
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