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Was it you who recabled some of the Campfire cables?If so would you please share your findings. Single vs balanced , litz/tinsel with the Andromedas on a low impedance source.Thanks.
Trying my Andromeda with the Jupiter Tinsel balanced cable to Opus#1 Dap at the moment.
made me think of Goldmember
Opus#2 DAP. Grey is the new gold. Sleek and sexy. Looking like a Sept/ Oct 2016 release.
http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/09/sony-signature-series-wm1z-impressions.html?m=1 More early impressions here by Mimouille
Nice impressions, thanks
Exciting. It looks beautiful too!
Yeah basic head fi 101 rule.If you havent heard it, dont write it I will dig out my 75ohm adapter (so many cables here) and give it another listen.(but as i mentioned I have reviews backlogged ...annnd the Battlefield 1 beta just started which is the real reason for my tardiness)As you can see from my above link witht he Hifi-m8 i do try these things whilst reviewing as a side tests, although generally i dont put them in my review as they are more in the realm of either...
Posted back in June.@LouisLohSorry I dont have the time the go further with this currently as I have about five earphones, a bluetooth cable and one Dap etc that are backlogged for review on my blog that I am writing at the moment.(My Campfire Audio Andromeda, Jupiter and Nova reviews are on my blog also).If you are happy, thats the main thing. Enjoy.
I have the 75 ohms etymotic adapter, also the Hifi-m8 which has an impedance switch of 11,2,1 ohms.
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