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Sounds fun!
Well I am in holiday mode, so some of my criticsl faculties are on vacation also.I have the Campfire Audio Vegas also, and the cable moves the Andromeda closer towards them.It gives a bit more oomph, as the Andromeda can seem a bit laid back and thin compared to the dense, bass powered Vega.It strikes a good middle ground between Andromeda Litz and Vega Litz.None of the beauty of the Andromeda is sacrificed, just enhanced. All the detail, instrument separation and large...
Are you using the music app people recommend for high res on android? http://www.head-fi.org/t/662881/centrance-hifi-m8-and-hifi-m8-lx-8-versions-incoming-impressions-and-appreciation-thread (See post two faqs). Edit. I had to clicknout to see the name of the app as i have forgotten. *Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8 As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport) Thanks to Wormsdriver. Now the same app has a sibling...
Ref 8
Sorry Sirs, please understand this is Christmas, New Years and holiday times, my ears are at the diposal of my family for now and rarely touch an audio product. Soon, mid January I will share some early impressions. Thanks for your understanding. Regards Expat
Back to my trusty go to tips the jvc spiral tips, with the Andromeda reference 8 cable and Opus1 dap balanced at 1Ohm OI, it seems a nice combination, the lows are a bit more boosted, but the jvc spiral tips keep the open spaciousness and the beautiful highs. I always find the foam tips to mask the highs a bit, and add a bit of congestion.
*Full Tinsel, Litz and Reference 8 cable comparisons in the new year. Single ended and balanced. Listening now to the Andromeda with the reference 8 cable and foam tips, sounds like a more mellow Vega. Reference 8 seems to bring up some of the low end more.
I am listening now to the Andromeda with the reference 8 balanced cable.It seems to bring up the lows more (which the andromeda needs. on some tracks, or maybe i have been becoming more bass reliant because of the vegas). and also gives it a more full and dense sound.I also changed from silicone to foam tips, i should test again with the jvc spiral tips.I think its a good combo.*Full Tinsel, Litz and Reference 8 comparisons in the new year. Single ended and balanced.
Sorry I uploaded the wrong picture.(its the litz).I really like the Andromeda with the balanced Ref 8 cable.Hard to tell whether its the 1ohm output of the Opus balanced compared to the single 2ohm, or the cable or the foamies.I am going to a Campfire audio cable shoot out early in the new year.Litz single and balanced, reference 8 single and balanced.I will trst with a few daps and also the centrance hifi-m8 with it impedance switches
Silly season rig EDIT, oops this is the LITZ cable with jvc spiral tips, i changed later to ref8 and foamies. Thanks twister6!
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