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DHC Braided 4 cable. Stock tube in the CV5, but I also have two other tubes.
Double Helix Cables. Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz. Interconnect Elite AWG 19, silver. Opus#1, DX200,ALO Audio Continental V5, JOMO6R, Advanced AcousticWerkes W300U
JOMO audio 'Pretty little beast' unboxing soon. Review to follow.
JOMO audio 'Pretty little beast' unboxing soon. Review to follow. In the meantime heres a Jomo Audio 6R and a double helix cable photo
Whoops wrong thread. Heres my edit: Fiio m3 and Fiio EX1
Winter here or early spring.Best burn in season old man winter
I posted my review 6 days ago it says. Feels like a few weeks already. I cover connecting to a computer, usatong the firmware and a few other things later in the review. Could be helpful for some. I need to update it again after a few more firmware updates. Also it has a link to the manual download.
I've already posted this photo from last week. But it shows the process. Hopefully on my day off tomorrow I will have some time to get into it.
I have quite a few earphones pass my way via Head pie and have found a good 50-100 hours improves on the initial sound on most of them. Some require more. Usually the bass tightens up, treble gets smoother and sometimes the mids come up a bit. I usually listen during the day and leave them playing over night (8-10 hours) at a moderate level to burn/break them in. Companies recommend it, some readers think burn in is true, some dont. Burning in for 100 hours keeps...
I should pick up a Mojo. It seems to be a common question when it comes to reviews and comparisons 'how does this xxxx compare to the Mojo?'
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