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It went well, I sold it. Yes, the sound of the HPP1 has a great musical charm. I sold it as I had bought the Hifi-M8. The Hifi-M8 has more power, impedance switches, gain/bass/treble switches. I do miss the Fostex filter switch. I found my unit had a slight channel imbalance before and after servicing, so thats another reason I turned it in.
There is more information on the hifi-m8 impressions thread. Idevices can playback at hi res via usb-B port. With cck. And flacplayer app.
*Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8 As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport) -Thanks to Wormsdriver.
  Super low profile QUSP custom piccolino usb LOD.
Great review, thanks. Feel free to copy and paste it into this thread.
Listening to ATH-ESW9 with ipod touch 5G - (flacplayer app) - venturecraft 7N lightning cable to Hifi-m8. Nice silky smooth commute. My ATH-ESW11 ltd.Ed edge them out though.
Good to hear. Sometimes it takes a while for all the parts to settle in also. I would be interested to hear what it sounds like in one weeks, two weeks etc.
Packaging is nice!
Exciting times for Centrance. Many portable audio devices for every type of enthusiast.
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