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I tried the mini-m8 at the Tokyo Fujiya Spring headphone show earlier this year, it really is more for IEMs and portable headphones.     Centrance and the many Hifi-M8 types...and who is that?       Centrance hifi-M8 mini. Sounded just as good. has a gain switch.
i tried the balanced Dita-Truth at the Tokyo show earlier this year with the AK240 and can attest they both sounded wonderful.
heres a link so you can know the product number etc. Maybe you can find it on other sites as well.
Edited, not sure if i understood what i was commenting on.
Trying out different tips. The sound signature changes overtime. My first choice was the reference tips, now i have many hours on them i am finding The large bore tips to be quite good.
I might be tempted to sell or trade my pads. Message me.
 A simple and common mistake I am sure.... :) Lamb  Goat
Mine are from Japan (ATH-ESW9) they have Lamb skin pads, are the pads on the ESW9A version different?
The historical blog posts seem in line with Mr.Goodmans recent statements also.
2).  (For your reference). I dont see any contradiction myself. *Having met Mr.Goodman several times I truly believe his intention was to be sincere in his reply and definitely not sarcasm. imho.
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