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I only just recently got the Continental V5 as I have been occupied with the iBasso DX200. As the Continental V5 is the 5th in a developing series of tube amplifiers by the experienced ALO Audio one can expect excellence. Coupled with its sibling companies earphones by Campfire Audio one would expect and hope for some synergy. My short superficial imoressions read like any would of a tube amp. I have paired it with several CA earphones and enjoyed the lush, rich,...
Someone wrote about when the device is reset the music files on the internal memory are deleted. (After doing an update and then a reset to clear/clean the device)... With that in mind I just spent time moving everything to the SD card to future proof it. *am i correct?
I have been busy listening to other items but I will give the Skyn a listen this week I think.
This stack with Continental v5? And DX200 Or with the Nova?
Ooh shopping time again eh
Just give the Jupiters and the MMCX connectors a bit of time to settle in. Then it should be all ok.
Thanks. Excellent information.
Well the sound signature is fairly even across the sizes.The large bore takes care of that.For me the different sizes are for fit as i use one size larger in my left ear.Different earphones require a different size tip I find due to their nozzle size.I also find my ear canals can get smaller when its cold or when I use earphones too much, in the summer I need larger tips.So its not so much about many jvc spiral tips to get a different sound, they are quite a solid bit of...
Using stock tips. Definitely foamies and stock silicone are at different ends of the spectrum. With JVC spiral tips in the middle. I need to buy a smaller size JVC for the Vegas and a recent cable I am using, for a better fit.
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