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No need posting pictures for this imho, the cable has gone from twisting serpentine like (But remember I got an early production version from DITA, no intended for sale in shops) to being straight. If I hold the ear pieces the cable hangs vertically straight down (allowing for a small curve near the earpieces to fit the ears). No damage to the cable, just refinement. If you cable is fine as is and doesnt curl when in use, then no need for the hairdryer treatment. I hope my...
Thanks!  :)
where is a good place to buy them? I couldnt see them on amazon japan.
I got some XL(?) or LL sony tips (theres a photo in the DITA-the Truth thread of the packaging) that were close in sound to the reference tips, they fit much better. I find that I have to slide the DITAs in, vertically down to get a good fit. Usually i push tips in straight, or from the back of the ear towards the front.
The DITAs take a while to burn in/open up. I am looking forward to your impressions. I found the reference tips great at first, but now find the large bore tips sound great, and the double flange.
May some new toys appear on the horizon in Japan soon and force the price of the AK240 down, down, down on the used market.......for me.
Thanks Rudi!
Earlier in the thread Currawong suggested GENTLY using a hairdryer If you have any annoying twirls in your early edition DITA Truth cable. I ventured finally to try this tonight, nice and straight now, tomorrow the train test. Going to go from the large bore tips to the large bore double flange. So far with a decent amount of burn-in the larger bored are sounding the best to my ears.
And a couple of Currawongs photos from his Tokyo Show impressions thread   he is a better photographer and reviewer than I. imho.   Centrance   The first time I knew about the M8 I thought it'd be too big, but that didn't stop it being wildly successful and currently on back-order. When I saw this neat unit, I thought "Bingo!". Take out all the extra controls, put the gain switch on the...
I tried the mini-m8 at the Tokyo Fujiya Spring headphone show earlier this year, it really is more for IEMs and portable headphones.     Centrance and the many Hifi-M8 types...and who is that?       Centrance hifi-M8 mini. Sounded just as good. has a gain switch.
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