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edit. i misread the above post. sorry.
Pono pocket rocket.
A lil help please:  Yes,  have selected optical as preferred, bitstream etc etc. Thanks in advanceregardsexpat
reading through this thread at the moment for a possible solution. Yes,  have selected optical as preferred, bitstream etc etc.
How so, please explain more. thanks.
PS4 audio help.   Audio output Troubles with headphones. I am having trouble getting the right settings as I did with the ps3 for headphones/mic. PS3 >optical cable >Victor SU-DH1 dolby amp >ATH-A900 headphones (PS3 settings to optical out). Headset mic setting was for chat to come through the headphones. PS4 I have tried multiple settings, but the choices seem slimmer than on the PS3. PS4 > optical cable > Victor SU-DH1 dolby amp > ATH-A900 headphones. 1). sound... Wow, I am like a Prophet seeing into the future, who knew I would predict the coming of Digitalfreak! Cue `He is the chosen one` from Life of Brian. :)
Toot toot! All aboard, next stop ATH-ESW11.
Ask in the cck thread in the portable source section - maybe ipod-cck- usb- fiio might work.
From the manual.
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