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Also a no here for the Spinfits. Either go with the stock tips, then either Ortofon or JVC Spiral tips - imho. CA Ken recommends silicone tips with the Nova. And as Currawong noted: get tips with wide bores.
6th (i have 4th and 5th touch also)
My Nova review for those new to the thread: http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/campfire-audio-nova-review-expatinjapan.html?m=1 I would add a couple of things, but not too much.
I thought the same and found it to be my ear hairs rubbing.
Exciting times. Great that impressions if the Nova are starting to come in. Curious to see how they compare to my earlier review, I f I was accurate enough, or not .
'Alien - Probe' ( +a planet?).
Campfire Audio is already on the stars, planets and constellations How about planets anyway? 'Alien- Uranus'.
Probably not (Image from google/head-fi)
True. But for multi driver IEMs they need the lowest possible output impedance or they go bananas. Look at the classic graphs of the triple fi 10s at different impedances. Single drivers aren't such a problem.
Lower output impedance (one or under) closer sound to what the maker intended - esp with IEMs, 2-10..... Output impedance usually some bass roll off or flabbiness, perhaps some detail loss. Sometimes very noticeable other times not so much. My Centrance Hifi-M8 has an impedance switch for 11, 2, 1 output impedance. Its fun to play around with and note what happens.
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