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Ipod touch 6G. 128GB confirmed working.
Touch 6G - 128GB.
Tested the 5G vs the 6G with Centrance mini-m8. The mini-m8 doesn't have as much detail or power as the Hifi-m8 but i basically ended up with similar results to the earlier tests. 5G is a bit warmer, a bit 'duller' sounding, vocals can be too forward. 6G is crisper, more highs, back ground instruments and melody more audible, vocals and music volume more evenly matched.
Apple camera connection kit confirmed working with Touch 6G. CCK with 24/96
As u2u2 said. I don't use cases myself, only screen protectors.
Sorry, I dont know yet. But I was always happy with my 5G battery life. I will look into it.
I had a thought that as I was using Flacplayer app to play my music that my result might be skewed for some reason.   So headphone out using the Apple stock music player. *Music loaded is standard Apple size.   ACDC - Thunderstruck. 5G. Vocals forward, a bit overwhelming. 6G. Bold, forward, clear, effortless.   Current 93 - all the pretty horses. 5G. Nice, a little dark, vocals too forward. 6G. Smooth, nice micro detail, clear.   Donna Summer - Last...
yesterdays Hifi-M8 dac/amp tests with the 6G here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/766380/apple-touch-6g-128gb/30#post_11784443   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Touch from headphone jack out.   flacplayer app   ATH-ESW11 (Last night, my ears were getting a bit foggy at that stage from too much testing).   The Verve - Bittersweet symphony. 5G. Boomy bass, slightly flabby. 6G.   Lana Del Rey - Cruel...
My early impressions of 5G touch vs 6G Touch  here:   To Hifi-M8 dac/amp http://www.head-fi.org/t/766380/apple-touch-6g-128gb/30#post_11784443   headphone out http://www.head-fi.org/t/766380/apple-touch-6g-128gb/45#post_11785939   regards expat.
I did a bit of swapping back and forth via the headphone out. The differences are still there between 5G and 6G as i have listed above, but they are a bit more subtle. I am sure that the new Touch could be non fatiguing to listen to for an extended period of time. I find i cant listen to the 5G for so long unless i have it strapped to my Hifi-M8. Looking forward to others impressions between 5g and 6g and see if they confirm or deny my simple impressions. Plus my brain...
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