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Campfire Audio Andromeda and Nova
Well I tried it. And it seems a good match. http://monoadc.blog64.fc2.com/blog-entry-99.html It has a nice low putput impedance 0.75 too. I didn't think the ipod touch 5G took anything away majorly from the performance of the Nova. Of course with Skyn it has an overall smoothness, but thr ipod touch 5g when paired with the Nova is no slouch. My listening time was brief but it ticked all the boxes I needed to check. Except for long listening fatigue- I didnt check that.
I will try it for you.I do think they deserve a decent source of course(dap or dac/amp). My preference is for the ipod touch 6g over the 5g as they seem to improved with each new model. Even as a source with my dac/amps the 6G is a clear winner - even though some may say it shouldnt matter 0s and 1s etc.Anyway,...you have to make do with what you have So I will check it out for you soon.
ah, it was more the coincidence of Ken going to the FA Tokyo headphone show (and rushing out a finished unit) and myself attending the show too, rather than myself being the chosen one or anything.
Thanks. I am not trying to derail the the thread- just cool it down a bit Our collection of mindless memes If you liked the video. http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/head-pie-facebook-memes-expatinjapan.html?m=1 Then please return to your regular head-fi programming !
Head pie sucks
Good review - Goldendarko
Excellent review.I am happy to see Yoda made the cut!Awesomesauce.RegardsExpat
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