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Monday and Thursday commute rig. Touch 5G 64GB, Flacplayer app, Venturecraft 7N lightning cable, Hifi-M8 Dac/Amp, DITA-The Truth IEMS.
traveling light. The wonderful ATH-CK10. Touch 5G 64gb with Flacplayer app.
Pony music store?
Centrance Hifi-m8 has adjustable output impedance of 11/2 /1 ohms. Some versions of the headstage The Arrow have adjustable output impedance.
Nice work
Interesting development. Thanks for the update. Its a pity that you couldnt find a software solution, but you ad your team have tried about everything you could regarding software. cheers.
You are welcome :)   Its the only music player/app I use.
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