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LEAR BTC-01 wireless earphone cable for IEMs unboxing. Two pin version. With Advancedacoustic Werkes W300 IEM
MEZE 11 Neo earphones
Mine have arrived. Review to follow.
Email sent from Head pie
Campfire Audio NOVA Review - Expatinjapan   First published on Head Pie 5/14/2016   For full set of text and pictures:  http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/campfire-audio-nova-review-expatinjapan.html       https://campfireaudio.com/nova/ Campfire Audio Nova. What is all the buzz about? On Head-fi.org the Campfire Audio thread dedicated to the Andromeda and Nova models are all abuzz with the sweet expectation of how the new model could sound. Tie that in with...
Come on ipod touch 256GB!
The V5 case looks cool
Trying the Andromeda with the jupiter Tinsel 3.5mm and 2.5mm cables the last couple of days. More airy and top end present. Less full bodied than the Litz.
I'mma gonna let you finish but that would be the best quote ever!
The Bit, OPUS#1 Dap Review - Expatinjapan Originally published July 2016.   *Full review text and photos  http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/07/the-bit-opus1-dap-review-expatinjapan.html    Opus#1 Dap and Jomo 6R   Opus#1 Dap review -expatinjapan   Thank you to The Bit/Audio-Opus for sending Head pie the Opus#1 for review. http://audio-opus.co.kr/   I tried The Bit Opus#1 of a friend in April 2016 and was sufficient impressed and curious enough to contact the...
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