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@musiclvr did you order the dita answer or the dita truth? Anyways my thoughts are on my blog. But I want to hear what you have to say first without coloring your thoughts and impressions with my own.
Thanks for the positive feedback. Nathan of Ohm image is a hiss master. He can pick it up very well. One thing to be sure of is to load the right types of files. The Alien only works with certain formats And most importantly sizes. The information is on the back of the plastic case if memory serves me well. Also Shure seem to pop up in many an impression or review where hiss is concerned.
where is the reference in the review, i cant seem to locate it. Thanks.
My MR1 review   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/08/paiaudio-mr1-in-ears-review-expatinjapan.html   sorry for the click out.
I have the Andromeda and also the Dita The Truth and look forward to your findings.
Imho its a good move. Send out 50 beta units, get feedback. Yeah ok. I can see the benefit. But.... Then they return the beta units? Or keep the beta units? Or keep the beta units and also get sent another alpha unit (perhaps the same apart hardware from firmware update). It seemed a bit difficult/messy. Better to have chosen ten well known users/reviewers to give feedback. -seems all sorted now anyway.
Well yes, most multidriver IEMs need/ must have a source with under 1 ohm output impedance to retain their own particular signature. Or they become a potential mess
Good summaries of the Jomo 6R that match my experience in the last couple of posts
I have been using the Opus#1 for the last ...well,... Quite a while as I was reviewing it and enjoying it. Reviews done and so I bought out the Alien Gold yesterday and Campfire Audio IEMs. It still sounds fantastic, natural, organic. Great details and transparent. Its a fantastic player.
The packaging is fine imho. Each IEM needs company logo and model number though.
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