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I seem to have a bigger left ear. M in the left, S in the right ear
Here is a shot of the Complys I am using. I have never been a fan of Complys as they are often too long i found. These are smaller. I also bought some M sized fir my left ear. Not sure If there are less highs yet, more bass for sure.
I enjoyed listening to my Centrance Mini-M8 today and DITA iems on my commute today. I think the SKYN will be worth the wait.
I am still loving my DITAs, especially now as its getting too hot to use cans. I am still tip rolling. This weekend i dropped by the Tokyo headphone show and was walking past the Comply table, my idea was to keep walking As i havent had much luck with them in the past. My young son had other ideas and played with the boxes which wnded up with me talking to the exhibitor. I explained my history of difficulty finding the right tips, he checked out my ears and said try...
I had a great time. Thanks. I will write more soon.
My moneys on 128gb like the iphone (not sd card). Gotta fill the gap since the loss of the 160gb classic.
Fair enough its all a bit of a mystery.
Touch does playback 24 bit files but it only comes out at 16 bits, even with an external Dac/amp.   cypher labs has a great article on it.
Touch 6 G is meant to be coming this fall!   possibly expandable SD card memory, different sizes ala iphone 6.   I also hope for hi-res playback, up to 24 (currently 16/48 without CCK).
Up coming, rumors, speculation and later facts, specs and reviews.   Due in the fall.   ************************************************************************************   so far it is being said....   `The iPod Touch 6 will run with the latest iOS9 and powered by an A9 microprocessor.   The famed media device works with a 1 GB RAM and an expandable memory via micro SD up to 128 GB.   The iPod 6G is said to come in two variants - the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch...
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