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Today I got out my Dita, The Truth after a while not listening to portable music due to the intense summer heat.   Still great sound, you can really tell when something sounds good after not using them for a while and then going back to them.   Awesome.
*Sorry, you are going to have to go through this page page by page. They (the comparisons) are there, I know. I have read read this thread several times.Only 45 pages, not as bad as some threads.The search function often won`t really help. I used my ATH-ESW11 today after a long, long time, I found them a bit on the dark/muffled side at times.
Theres a few comparisons earlier in the thread, but you will have to dig around a bit yo find them.
I heard they would be launching it later this year, stay tuned. I believe it will be for the newer AK players.
Looks like Dita has the Truth Edition back in stock now.
Please do write your impressions about both.
Interesting. So correct my musings please. To get balanced i would have my standard headphones/iems terminated At the usual 3.5mm plug, then would attach a splitter cable of sorts presto- balanced?
Heh heh, my ath-esw9 has been adopted by my 3 year old son now for traveling movies. Sacrilege i hear you scream.
@joonbug. I am not sure what country you are in but amazon us has the Venturecraft 30 pin for sale.
It doesnt really matter I believe, he is only going to get 48khz out of his iphone.Unless he uses the Apple camera connection kit and inputs to the Hifi-m8 usb-B.As of now he is just using standard cables.Imho.*please do correct me anyone if i am incorrect here.
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