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  Advanced Acoustic Werkes Q earphone and Hifiman MegaMini
My review is up   http://www.head-fi.org/products/advanced-acousticwerkes-q/reviews/17166  
Any hints on how to add album artwork? Thanks
I saw your post yesterday and had to ponder my answer as to my memory of the days use.Litz is certainly supple and bendy without effort.Reference 8 whilst having 8 weave rather than the Litz 4 strands is a bit less supple, but not excessively so.Checking the newer Litz vs my older Andromeda Litz they certainly loosen up over time. i expect the Ref 8 will also.
Stock short large bore silicone tips
The Dorado, Vega and Lyra II come With the Litz cable. The cables pictured are the new ALO Audio reference 8 cables
Loving the Dorado with the new Reference 8 cable (balanced). It seems to open up its magick. With Opus #1 Dap
Going to take the Dorado for a test drive on a train commute today. Standard stock Litz cable to Opus#1 Dap on the way there. Balanced reference 8 on the way home. Next unboxing teaser.....
Noble (and the Wizard himself) is currently in Tokyo at the Fujiya Avic head phone show ( I took lots of photos - check the thread or my blog). Above is their new earphone the Sage. So they will probably get back to this in a couple of days.
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