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The Andromeda seemed ok to me with the ifi. It has many switches to adjust power etc
Thats Mimouille s job ;) I dont know If he did yet, he did with the DX200.
My simple impressions
Muhahahaa Thats hilarious! Sony send me a Dap!
Passed the 350 hour mark. Early morning commute
Up and em. 350 hours plus logged on the iBasso DX200
Yes, there can be a bit of condensation. I just detect them from the cable and pop them in here for a while during summer time. Just to be sure. (Posted before)
Perfected all my album art tonight Manually. Old school
did you mean to write 'is now a past thing' ?
I only just recently got the Continental V5 as I have been occupied with the iBasso DX200. As the Continental V5 is the 5th in a developing series of tube amplifiers by the experienced ALO Audio one can expect excellence. Coupled with its sibling companies earphones by Campfire Audio one would expect and hope for some synergy. My short superficial imoressions read like any would of a tube amp. I have paired it with several CA earphones and enjoyed the lush, rich,...
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