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ah, thats a pity they have decided to do that, it had always been one of the great free eq apps.
Try Denon Audio app as its free. I use flacplayer app for flac. Lits of free eq apps now.
only a few early release hifi-m8 will have to be sent back to centrance for the update. More recent models will be able to apply the update online.
Yes, using the CCK.  it seems in general the latest ipods max out at 16/48.
I did receive this email six days ago to an inquiry I made. From my ongoing correspondence with Centrance i can assure head-fiers that they haven`t forgotten about us.
Awesome, the show is at Nakano this year, 5 minute bike ride from my house:)
Yeah i had a hard time finding it the first time too (e-earphone). Fujiya avic nakano is on the third floor. Its at one of the far ends. ( if you think of each level as a rectangle).
I like the subtle eq switches. There are a multitude of free and paid EQ apps one can use if they want to max out the bass. Denon audio app for one (free).
Its still a great piece of gear (hpp1).   Familiarity can breed contempt and boredom though. Try using your ipod on its own for a day or two and then return to the hpp1, you`ll appreciate it again.   Although the hpp1 is weak in the amp department (for some people and headphones) it is a good match for the 1350 impedance wise. Maybe get a second of headphones to mix up sound signatures for when you feel the need for something different.   If you are using an idevice...
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