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Looks mainly to be the EQ fix.
Oh no. I just finished my review. Hopefully no major sound changes
First button is for a time machine to destroy the future. Second button is to go back in time.
Centrance Hifi-Skyn and Paiaudio PR1
I missed this one.   So theres your standard black issue Seiun Pro/X which I think was added above in another post. Just isolating it.   I should have kept my eyes more open in the hustle and bustle.   http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/gappoakiyama/14284289.html    
e-earphone is about twice/thrice a year I think? but in several cities too. Fujiya avic is several times a yearwith different focuses. Anyway suffice to say we get plenty of shows and one can always visit the well stocked audio shops in the meantime. You are welcome, I have more photos of past shows on my blog (see sig).
Well its a demo unit for sure.   But it is close (a few weeks I understand) to sending out of the 50 beta units to the lucky chosen few backers.   so i would guess (which is a bad thing to do) that there won`t be many significant changes? but what do i know.   Anything can happen after the beta squad give their feedback.
My son was listening with headphones via black cable to the PHA, I was listening to the Seiun Pro/X with my Andromeda and white cable.They gave him the Seiun Pro/X to hold for a photo.Didnt take a photo of the back, sorry. I was taking so many photos for hours some things slipped through the cracks.
EDIT: Better picture. uploading from mobile seems to downgrade my photos. The screen is the same as the first small Seiun player. Just that small window up the top. Its not a big touchscreen like the Seiun Pro/X. (Though one might get confused looking at the photos as it appears to be a big touchscreen). Its purely a player with with increased specs (ESS Dac etc). I dont know if it plays Opus files. Definitely no album art.
thanks.it seems as I am in Japan and went to the show I felt I should try to answer queries.I am generally in the dark as much as anyone.There was an update today on the indiegogo site (photo of my son and my hand on there) which I have pushed for the last couple of weeks. I have suggested that they update at least twice a week.But my reach is small as I am just a humble blogger, but hopefully I have helped soothed a few worried brows.RegardsExpat
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