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Great review. Echoes my own findings.
no problem.I would have given you a lazy link but I was on my tablet. ;)
Great. Got a link?
Theres a lightning cable thread i made in the cables forum. Theres a few options. Have a look there.
My favorite so far is ipod Touch 5G with flacplayer app for idevice dac/amps.
Ipod 5.5 generally dont work with usb dacs for idevices.
When i have tested the battery life, and also checked for hiss with shures and some other iems fitear etc. i will post my review.
Fair enough. Good luck on your audio journeys.
Any hiss when used with computer of idevice? Have you tried any other headphones. Not questioning your results just trying to isolate the possible problem so I can give feedback to Centrance.
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