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Sunday for me, hopefully.
Eggcellent. Thank you. I might pop by on the sunday briefly.
Will the show be at Nakano or Gaien-Mae?   Thanks.
I have ATH-ESW9, you can pick them up fairly cheaply used sometimes- a great headphone. ATH-ESW11- overpriced? Maybe, but it is A Ltd Edition model and sounds great for a portable.
Yeah theres a post somewhere where i compare all four es models in terms of general size etc.
Sorry :). quote the interesting stuff you find.
Today I got out my Dita, The Truth after a while not listening to portable music due to the intense summer heat.   Still great sound, you can really tell when something sounds good after not using them for a while and then going back to them.   Awesome.
*Sorry, you are going to have to go through this page page by page. They (the comparisons) are there, I know. I have read read this thread several times.Only 45 pages, not as bad as some threads.The search function often won`t really help. I used my ATH-ESW11 today after a long, long time, I found them a bit on the dark/muffled side at times.
Theres a few comparisons earlier in the thread, but you will have to dig around a bit yo find them.
I heard they would be launching it later this year, stay tuned. I believe it will be for the newer AK players.
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