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yes, bit thats the same as opus#1. I want BOTH ports 1ohm or less.2.5mm AND 3.5mm. Not just the balanced port.(I can see how my earlier post could have been misread).Both ports 1ohm or less, please
Thank you for the information. Pity both ports are not 1 ohm out.
yes, you can use a music app with it. Sorry, i dont have the mojo. No, I couldnt here any noise. seemed a fairly black background.
Sorry, I have been away for a week. I will answer your questions tomorrow after another good listen.
I like em. Quite good for only $100. Good for slow music
I don't have any other information at this stage. I just approached my contact with the questions already on the table. I will ask again. Any other questions to do with specs.?
I asked Cyberdrive about the PHA.(output)1)3.5mm Stereo Earphone out.2)2.5mm Balanced earphone out.3)3.5mm Line out.(input)1) Micro USB Audio DSD Audio)2)Power bank charge out3)Optical line in/Coaxial
Oops forgot to post my review http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/06/m2tech-hiface-24384-usb-dac-review.html?m=1
1 ohm or less output impedance for multi driver iems
http://monoadc.blog64.fc2.com/blog-entry-99.html Some output impedances of devices (old)
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