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I use flacplayer app. I open itunes, select apps, scroll down to and choose flacplayer app. Then there is an add button, that takes me to my computer memory and i select album file. And add it to the app/touch. Or else you can send them over wifi i believe but i havent tried that method. Is this what you are asking?
Yeah about that. US$400. Around the price of a small AK, fiio or DX. But what would I do with my dac/amps ... Plus the wifi on the new Touch is nice and snappy fast.
I just bought the new Apple Touch 6G 128GB. I remember back on head-fi when the choices were ipod, imod, Cowon or sansa and a few others. I am always tempted to pick up a new player. The original ibasso was too big, the Hifimans looked too clunky, the first AK had too much output impedance. Now the likes of the Fiio series, ibasso DX90 and the lower tier AK players are attractive and I have have samples friends, at shows or in stores. Still not sold on any particular...
Touch 6G 128GB with Flacplayer app.
Ipod touch 6G. 128GB confirmed working.
Touch 6G - 128GB.
Tested the 5G vs the 6G with Centrance mini-m8. The mini-m8 doesn't have as much detail or power as the Hifi-m8 but i basically ended up with similar results to the earlier tests. 5G is a bit warmer, a bit 'duller' sounding, vocals can be too forward. 6G is crisper, more highs, back ground instruments and melody more audible, vocals and music volume more evenly matched.
Apple camera connection kit confirmed working with Touch 6G. CCK with 24/96
As u2u2 said. I don't use cases myself, only screen protectors.
Sorry, I dont know yet. But I was always happy with my 5G battery life. I will look into it.
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