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....'what I typically care about is output power and impedance. Opus guys didn’t go into too many details, but did mention that Balanced 2.5mm 4-pole output is rated at 1 ohm output impedance and 2.3Vrms which translates into 330mW @ 16ohm. For Single Ended 3.5mm TRS output the rating is 2 ohm output impedance and 2.1Vrms which translates roughly into 275mW @ 16ohm'. - from Twisters review
Whats the output impedance on each jack? 3.5mm and 2.5mm as I have heard different things. Thanks
Nothing on my Macbook told me about any trojan
dammit. Worth a try Ok i am going to go for a cable with lightning connection at the end instead of a 3.5mm.
Lighting to 3.5mm adapter.
Thanks audio123. I did a review recently so its easier to link to that http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/jomo-audio-6r-universal-iem-review.html?m=1 We also did an interview with Joseph that you can find on Head pie too. Great guy. I like it a lot. The look, the fit, the sound. It is a reference IEM so those who want a colored sound should look a elsewhere. As usual being a multidriver IEM best results are with a source that has less than 1ohm output impedance.
BRIEFLY tested the Andromeda with the Centrance Hifi-M8 and its impedance switch with 11,2,1 output impedance options. 1ohms OI: is as expected, the full Andromeda experience. everything sounds beautiful and well tuned/balanced. smooth. 2ohms OI: Slightly reduced bass and less controlled, Vocals lose some crispness. A slight Harshness underneath. It becomes more flat and less musical, loses that magic it has. Still sounds good,very close except with critical listening....
oh, sorry.How about sonic differences with the Nova then with the two balanced cables?
how is the Andromeda with each of the balanced cables?Any differences in sound signature?Using which Dap?thanks in advance.
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