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Great review, thanks. Feel free to copy and paste it into this thread.
Listening to ATH-ESW9 with ipod touch 5G - (flacplayer app) - venturecraft 7N lightning cable to Hifi-m8. Nice silky smooth commute. My ATH-ESW11 ltd.Ed edge them out though.
Good to hear. Sometimes it takes a while for all the parts to settle in also. I would be interested to hear what it sounds like in one weeks, two weeks etc.
Packaging is nice!
Exciting times for Centrance. Many portable audio devices for every type of enthusiast.
Blue here too.
No it isnt warm compared to the fiio x3.
Flacplayer takes large files yes. But will only play back at 16/48 unless it is connected via usb-b to the hifi-m8, not usb-a. Album art. Rename the art to correspond to the album title. If it doesnt show check the name. Separate some files as it may be hidden in other files. Then merge the files via the edit button.
i could scan em if you mail em to me. But photos probably should suffice.
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