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No sorry, dems da rulz. Its a bit late to go changing them. Apologies.
A picture of 'it could be part of your portable rig' Kind regards Expat
Last ten days to enter
Dammit!All us other poor peoples reviews are gonna suck compared to your opus!Well done. Excellent review on all fronts!'Mutters under his breath....'
Oops I meant subtitles...
Trying to decide still whether I prefer Litz or Reference 8 cable with the Vegas. I need a day off to fully listen to the sonic subtleties.
Andromeda + JVC Spiral Tips + ALO Reference 8 cable for me
The Andromeda seemed ok to me with the ifi. It has many switches to adjust power etc
Thats Mimouille s job ;) I dont know If he did yet, he did with the DX200.
My simple impressions
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