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I am enjoying my first full day. Very clear, lets my earphones do the work. I like the colorless, flat aspect.
CA Dap Perfect! Decided against a banjo- too Deliverence.....
Updating now.   interesting what you have written twister.
  Opus #1 DAP, and Campfire Audio IEMs (Jupiter balanced out and just hanging around Andromeda and Nova models.
    trying out balanced output with the Campfire Audio Jupiter and the Opus#1 at the moment.   I will switch cables with the Andromeda later.   Its a new unit so may need to get a few more hours on it.
I ordered a kobiconn to 2.5mm adapter from here (still waiting for it) http://www.plussoundaudio.com/
I received and Opus #1 and am excited.   unboxing pron and full review to follow http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/opus-1-dap-unboxing-expatinjapan.html
I have a 2.5 to kobiconn adapter on the way. I will look for the site i ordered from for you rbc3
i heard the Jupiter and Andromeda balanced although for a short time only. So I cant fully comment.An Opus#1 Dap just rolled in so I will be testing the Campfire Audio products with it (balanced out) using the Jupiter MMCX 2.5 cable.
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