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Yes, one of my favorite sleepy time shirts. Very comfortable. Oh, the Campfire Audio IEMs? Very comfortable for my ears. Admittedly the first time I saw the Campfire Audio IEMs at a show in Tokyo I was ignorant of the simple fact that CA were an extension of ALO, a sibling If you will. As new interloper into the already saturated world of IEMs I did cast my eyes over the IEMs, three of them at that time. They appeared as hard, sharp and possibly, even probably to my eyes...
Excuse my unshaved face. I have been in holiday for a few days. I am wearing one of my Head-fi shirts today too (I took it off to take a photo). This one is baseball style.
A second set of the Campfire Audio Andromeda photos, version two.                                          
Campfire Andromeda photos, Version two.                                          
Here are a second set of photographs of the Andromeda to whet your appetite.   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/campfire-audio-andromeda-unboxing_5.html   *V1 Easter eggs?   I will post some up on here soon.   reagrds expat
Thank you. Kind regards Expat
Ah, I cant really say as I only listened for a short time. I used the balanced cable from the Campfire Audio Jupiter on the CFA Andromeda for balanced test.
This has been an interesting read, currently reading back from last to first posts. I had a chance recently try the Opus but it was quite brief and my impressions are all too shallow to really share. I did enjoy it. I tried both single and balanced out using Campfire Audio IEMs. The case is quite beautiful also.
Campfire Audio NOVA unboxing pron.   full set here: http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/05/campfire-audio-nova-unboxing.html   enjoy                                      
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