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Fiio X5 doesnt work with the Hifi-M8 afaik.  Hifi-m8 - idevices and computer.Hifi-m8LX- astell and kern etc and computers. Check out the new Centrance Mini-M8 thread. it might support X5.
If you are using and iphone/touch under settings/accessibility there is a left/right balance control.
Sorry If i mis-post as i am not an android guy.   _______________________________________________   Thanks to wormsdriver.     *Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8  As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport).   Thanks to Wormsdriver.
I have removed the video from the OP to avoid any future confusion.
Hello all,   Centrance Mini-M8 is on the horizon.      My apologies If this thread is premature for some, others such as myself have sampled the early version at various shows already.   The mini-m8 is suited for IEMs and presumably easy to run over the ears portable earphones.   I own a Hifi-M8 and have also heard the Mini-m8 at the Tokyo headphone Show earlier this year.  My impressions were very favorable. I found the Mini-M8 comparable in sound to its...
Looking good.
thats the clincher for me too.I find i dont need to go into critical listening mode with the DITAs because they just sound ......well right.Put em in and forget em.
They both have a solid well made build. Sound quality is better/ more transparent on the JVC. The teac still sounds great at its price point. Tomscy2000 wrote a nice piece two posts up. I think i will go back soon for a more extended and critical listen to both, an the sony pha-2.
Yep, every man and his dog are jumping on the idevice wagon it seems.
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