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Non colored sound and neutral is the way to go. THEN buy the earphones/ headphones with the sound signature you desire or use the EQ.
I just updated. I liked an earlier Firmware. The one before this one seemed to make it darker and muddy. This new firmware seems to be clearer. I am really enjoying it.
@k4rstar   A very good summation of the Andromeda.
ESW9 pads are too small. You need to buy ATH-ESW11 pads for the ES10 perfect fit
    via OPUS on Facebook
Well in the specs on their site Opus#1 is meant to support 200GB cards now.So I guess it would in the future too?
If you prefer a brighter earphone then buy one.imho. Dont use adapters or EQ, find a earphone with a sound signature that you like. I dont find the andromeda bassy or dark. (See my review) and no hiss with the CEntrance DACportable I just reviewed. Regards Expat
The Andromeda suits a dap with 1ohm or less OI. So youre good
  My review of the CEntrance DACportable is up.   http://headpie.blogspot.jp/2016/08/centrance-dacportable-review.html   Enjoy.   Regards expat
Smooth, detailed, powerful, full bodied. I am really enjoying the DAC Portable, quite similar to the excellent Hifi-Skyn.
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