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you are welcome
quoting this post from a day or so ago as it replies to queries above.Andromeda is certainly Jupiter perfected...and more.
If anything common sense tells us that if there will be no 3.5mm jack on the next model, they will have another model released at the same time with a 3.5mm jack. Everyone happy and spending money.
I have them both.Apples and oranges.Both are different with different aims.Jomo 6R aims at being reference ie flat and uncolored.Andromeda aims at being full and rich.More detailed info in my signature/blog link
Good update. Do it once, do it right.
Further musings on the Campfire Audio Nova, Jupiter and Andromeda models. As noted in one of my review summaries I briefly described the sound signature of each with X's. Nova. XXx. It being more based in the low and mid regions. Jupiter. XxX. It having a more V or U shaped sound signature. Andromeda. XXX. As it it is focussed on having a healthy balance between the lows, mids and highs. Very finely tuned. Nova. When I insert the Nova in my ears I am not enthralled, as...
Centrance Mini-M8, ipod touch 6G 128GB with Flacplayer by Dan Leehr app, venturecraft lightning 7N cable, Campfire Audio Jupiter balanced out using a RSA/ALO to 2.5mm adapter.
Andromeda is excellent see my Head pie review
Listening to the Nova with the Opus #1 dap. Its a nice pairing. It took my ears a while to adjust after a few days of listening to the Jupiter balanced and the Andromeda single out.
Centrance Hifi-Skyn and Campfire Audio Nova
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