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Centrance Hifi-Skyn and Campfire Audio Nova
  The new update sounds better.   It got rid of the artificial warmth that was underlying and veiling some of the music.   The bass before was a too inaccurate at times, bloomy is a word I`d use, loose another - but only with critical listening.   Sub bass is also tightened up.   Summary: A more pure and detailed sound.
Tried it today actually. Seemed to perform well.
Meze Classic 99 and Centrance Hifi-Skyn with 128GB ipod touch 6G and Flacplayer by Dan Leehr.
Re moisture. I bought these recently. Dessicant silica is in handy pods, and comes with a plastic container. I now use it to dehumidify and dry out my different IEMs. Of course i could have bought it in bulk but living in a country which is not my native one i could not find the right stuff so I took the easy way on Amazon.
....'what I typically care about is output power and impedance. Opus guys didn’t go into too many details, but did mention that Balanced 2.5mm 4-pole output is rated at 1 ohm output impedance and 2.3Vrms which translates into 330mW @ 16ohm. For Single Ended 3.5mm TRS output the rating is 2 ohm output impedance and 2.1Vrms which translates roughly into 275mW @ 16ohm'. - from Twisters review
Whats the output impedance on each jack? 3.5mm and 2.5mm as I have heard different things. Thanks
Nothing on my Macbook told me about any trojan
dammit. Worth a try Ok i am going to go for a cable with lightning connection at the end instead of a 3.5mm.
Lighting to 3.5mm adapter.
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