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yes, i also would like to see a more random shuffle mode.Not sure what the parameters are now.
  My review of the Jomo Audio PLB (Pretty little beast) is now up. enjoy   regards expat
  Opus#3 Dap, Jomo PLB and Double Helix Cable.    A very nice match.   I have around 100 hours on the Opus#3 of listening and burning in and its starting to open up and show it potential.
Whee. I love me an update!
I have met Cyberdrive at Japan shows several times. There are several photos within this thread of their products shown at the shows. I bought a couple of their earphones and was later given two of their baisc daps (at the shows) to review on Head pie. So in that sense, yes they do actually produce gear. I have tried the Seiun Pro/X at several shows at different stages of its development. Photos have appeared in this thread and oin the show reports on Head pie. There...
Todays rigs on the go
Opus#3, Jomo Audio- Pretty little beast and Double Helix Cables - Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz.
I have about 25 hours on it so far (burn in and listening time combined). I am still feeling my way around it using different earphones.
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