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C`mon!!!   There is still room for one more headphone.   Plug a third in, even better a 3.5mm splitter and up it to four!   :)
Great thread. I will be following closely.
Whats the highest resolution that the ipad mini can play natively?
I didnt even know that ipads were up to 128GB. The Mini is tempting for sure.
sorry but Mr. saraguie is correct.Cyperlabs blog has a good summary. course one can load all sorts of files on to a touch/iphone etc but it is downsampled to 16/48 even with external dac/amps.Headphones onlyApproved apple usb-A port(same result across idevice dac/amps i have tested)Or if you want to go in the back door using the CCK in this case to hifi-m8 usb-b for full effect. International+ etc.As for the impedance rule at...
Even without steve jobs apple smells that glorious money they are missing out on. They cant have missed all the hi res daps being released, not to mention the licenses they give for idevice dac/amps. Must give many makers nightmares thinking of day Apple finally enters the hi-res business. Beautiful UI for starters.
I am as doubtful of geekwaves claims as i am of Pono posturing as the only high res dap. I doubt geekwaves can play above 16/48 natively on a recent touch/iphone.
Nsfw pic of brazilian nuts. LoL
I have settled for a basic version solution for now.   PS4 > optical > SU-DH1 dolby amp > ATH-A900.   PS4 > Controller > supplied mic.   Basically I have the earpiece (loosely) in my ear for in game chat, and then put my headphones over top.     *Not exactly elegant, but functional until they add bluetooth support, and and option for in game chat to go via headphones..
Dear All,   Just a quick update I received regarding the 24/96 update situation:     `We (CEntrance) have been beating our heads up against this wall for over a year now ..........  iPhone is not as friendly as we were hoping it would be. Please let the head-fi folks know that while Michael is traveling the world, our team of dedicated engineers back home are working hard on finding the solution. If anyone could do that, it would be CEntrance. That's all I can say...
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