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Also note that the ohm switch is 11, 2, 1 . (Not 1, 2, 11))
There are plenty of excellent EQ apps for bassheads and treble lovers these days.
My kludge version for ps4. Ps4- optical cable- dolby amp- headphones. Put mic in my ear in the headphones.
Remember the ohm switch is 11,2,1. I like ohm 2 with gain 2 usually. The extra gain power seems to bring up the deeper notes and 2 ohm has enough detail and soundstage without over extending.
What tips are those triples? Thanks.
I find I have to insert them in a certain way, and have the angles just right.   Its tricky.
Its not popular because updates are rare. The eq doesn't really make them into great headphones- it just gives a different sound and that is refreshing for a time. A change is as good as a holiday. Better to get actual great headphones/iems and a source to really get a difference. It is good fun for lower to mid level gear
im not surprised using just earbuds
I liked it. Then decided it was just a gimmick...with no updates.
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