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i could scan em if you mail em to me. But photos probably should suffice.
Sunday is the only day for me. But i doubt i will make it as my father is staying...but maybe possible.
I find my ipod touch 5G to be very listenable (flacplayer app). My hifi-m8 and DiTA certainly add a special something but the touch 5G on its own is certainly no slouch.
Wow. Nice Mod.   ------------------------------------------------   I dont use CCK for my Hifi-M8 (I use a Venturecraft lightning 7N), but I have all the bits and pieces for CCK.   Not as nice and small as yours.    
New Version ATH-ESW9ltd   Original version ATH-ESW9
summarized. thanks.
Thanks, i googled but couldnt find it myself. Cheers
Linky please. I wonder whats different from the regular esw9.
bicccamera often has wipes.But yes, bring your own wipes....or even better - use your own tips.
I would suggest just going to bicCamera, yodobashi camera and try some iems there. Easier to find and also a good range. I found it hard as hell to find e-earphone the first time. Fujiya avic in nakano (where the show is) has used iems for good prices. Also a quiet listening station outside the shop with many iems. Back to the show discussion. I have bought my son aged 2-3 several times, he is quite chilled and likes meeting the other head-fiers. If you put some on ears...
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