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Photos here:   great pics. Glad I finally got to see how the whole balanced thing was being done.   __________________________________________________________     saw an advert in my local store today, looks like an october 18th release. Probably so they can show it off at the main Fujiya Avic audio show that following weekend (24/25th).  
Japan 10/18 release I saw today in my local store.       Great t finally see how the balanced works.
Here you go ....output impedances of many daps and amps etc....including the X3.
Some say 8, others in the business I've heard say its closer to 10. I have a Hifi-M8 which has impedance switches for 11/2/1 ohms headphone output. I have tried it which many in ears and over the ears headphones. The difference in sound output bass/treble is quite minimal at best.
Thanks for the information. Maybe post that info here. As we dont want to get our Wires crossed.
Brand? Do you mean exhibitors? If so see Currawongs post a few posts up.
Ah, ok. You are talking about using the CCK.
mA restriction?I have have iOS and it works well with my hifi-m8 dac/amp.
When i tried it out earlier in the year it had the same signature as the larger Hifi-M8. Less power of course. More suitable for IEMs and smaller portables.
No problems. Maybe i should make it more clear on the OP.
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