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Used the Touch 6G yesterday (with Flacplayer app) and ATH-CK10 on my commute to work. I was quite satisfied with the result.
i would have to search out my 4g vs 5g touch notes as i dont remember them at all.As for 5g vs 6g Touch i am definitely noticing an improvement via headphone out or to an external dac/amo.
any iphone 6 and Touch 6G comparisons yet?
Im on a macbook, itunes seems to play more nicely on Apple gear.   Since its been a while since last time you tried, why not try again?
Sorry, I misread your post. A few days ago i updated to the latest itunes os and also bought a new Touch 6G. I uploaded all of my library at once. Whilst it was loading i clicked flacplayer app on the Touch and then went from collections to albums and back to collections, this triggered the importing sequence which meant it imported in parts rather the pressure of the whole.
This app? Are you on Touch 5G or 6G? It seem optimized for 64bit 6th gen. Another option is to reset the database under General-flacplayer-settings.
Flacplayer app makes everything easier and wonderful
You're are welcome. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me so we dont spam up this thread
This is the main menu screen. And the song info screen
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