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I have messaged the updated OP to firev1.   Here it is in all its blazing glory.   __________________________________________   Due to several requests that from the HF community  that a Head-fier who have actually pre-ordered a unit should start a thread I have made this impressions thread.   This thread is in development.   1). OP/first page is general information and specs(In development). 2). Second post is a FAQs. 3). Third post is where you will find...
Hmm, the first post if this thread isnt helpful either. I will send him the updated version from the hifi-m8 impressions thread. Please look there for extra information on the op. Also check out the hifi-m8 wiki which one helpful member made. I remember most of us thought the impedance switch was 1,2,11 at first until i messaged mgoodman and found out it was 11,2,1ohms.
Fostex is a Dac/amp for idevices. Duet is an amp. You may have to decide what you are looking for, perhaps give us more information. There are many amps and dac/amps on thr market these days, each with their own sound and strong/weak points.
ES-10 is the metallic model, kind of v shaped sound. ESW9 - is a sweet midd focused wood model. ESW11 - is a limited edition model. Similar driver size to ES10 but wood. Sweet sound. ESW10 - is a limited edition model. Different wood but similar sized drivers to ESW9.
Looking forward to getting a mini of my own and sharing impressions with you all.
It went well, I sold it. Yes, the sound of the HPP1 has a great musical charm. I sold it as I had bought the Hifi-M8. The Hifi-M8 has more power, impedance switches, gain/bass/treble switches. I do miss the Fostex filter switch. I found my unit had a slight channel imbalance before and after servicing, so thats another reason I turned it in.
There is more information on the hifi-m8 impressions thread. Idevices can playback at hi res via usb-B port. With cck. And flacplayer app.
*Galaxy S4:Samsung S4 > ibasso otg cable > Hifi M8 As expected, it only works with USB Audio Recorder Pro app. (same as my Dacport) -Thanks to Wormsdriver.
  Super low profile QUSP custom piccolino usb LOD.
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