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I find an improvement using the Venturecraft 7N lightning cable. ( i also have standard apple, venturecraft original and vmoda lightning cables). Cue groans.
thanks NZheadcase for pic  
If you get worried be sure to switch it off and let it cool. Also dont keep it wrapped up in a bag etc for long periods, esp on a hot day.
I would say that most electronic devices are going to feel a little warm after 4 hours ;) no worries. Only If it is excessively warm (hot) is there a problem.
*Line out: Set the gain at 2 and turn the volume to maximum, this is effectively the Line Out.HiFi-M8 is designed so that you can achieve "line level" output by keeping the gain switch in the middle position and putting the volume control all the way up.-Kenny/Kefsef10 (Centrance) :)
Here are my ipod touch shots. Mainly of the spectacle.
I seem to have a bigger left ear. M in the left, S in the right ear
Here is a shot of the Complys I am using. I have never been a fan of Complys as they are often too long i found. These are smaller. I also bought some M sized fir my left ear. Not sure If there are less highs yet, more bass for sure.
I enjoyed listening to my Centrance Mini-M8 today and DITA iems on my commute today. I think the SKYN will be worth the wait.
I am still loving my DITAs, especially now as its getting too hot to use cans. I am still tip rolling. This weekend i dropped by the Tokyo headphone show and was walking past the Comply table, my idea was to keep walking As i havent had much luck with them in the past. My young son had other ideas and played with the boxes which wnded up with me talking to the exhibitor. I explained my history of difficulty finding the right tips, he checked out my ears and said try...
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