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Fair enough. Good luck on your audio journeys.
Any hiss when used with computer of idevice? Have you tried any other headphones. Not questioning your results just trying to isolate the possible problem so I can give feedback to Centrance.
Thanks for your feedback, and also testing out your IEMs with other sources to confirm your results.
Did you try it with other phones, cables, source etc.? Not to be flippant, just a general observation....but whenever I read about a product having hiss 8/10 the person seems to be using Shure in ears.
So the Mini-M8 has optical in. Thats an easy cable to find.   What about coaxial cable?   What Dap/source would it connect to? Fiio has coax out. Ibasso?   What would be a good cable to use?    Thanks.
Wasting time at Starbucks in between work. About to unleash the Centrance Mini-M8 and DITA-The Truth. (Photo taken with my source - Touch 5G).
I am working on a Mini-M8 review at the moment. Its a great little unit.
Hmm?' It seems i posted on the first page eight months ago, sorry-slipped my mind.
Its been quite a while. A year or so I remember it displayed 96. But with my special testing file of 24 bits it gave me no sound back. I will retest soon.
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