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Ooh, i'd have to get up early for that...hmmm
I`m guessing Nakano again?   Probably Sunday for me.
The Skyn should be getting released soon.   The Skyn seems like the perfect solution for iOS devices.   Slim and hi-res.   Just waiting for Apple confirmation it seems, but it shouldnt be a problem as Centrance have already achieved it for other products.   I now have the ipod Touch 6G 128GB, it has more than enough space for plenty of lossless files.
Yes, the Mini has less power...that is one reason why it is called the mini
Take a look at the Centrance Mini-m8. All your issues resolved.
Sorry, i meant the sound straight from the headphone jack of the ipod Touch 6G 128GB is very close to using it with external dac/amps.
I am still quite surprised by the the sound quality from my new Touch. Trying it yesterday with a few dac/amps and also ifi purifier which I recently won on head-fi. Its very close.
Whoops. Sorry, i read that before my morning coffee. My mistake.
Onkyo app has always been mediocre. Flacplayer app has always been my go to player for OS. Although with recent reports I may just have to give Kaisertone a try.
see earlier in this thread.
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