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Thanks. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Nice review thanks.     ohm switch is 11/2/1 just to be sure. :)
A simple solution would be to make a new thread for the Relisten app. Then those who wished to continue the discussion could do so. I think at this stage we have heard the arguments for and against within this thread.
Yeah, those otg cables seem to be temperamental.
Lol. I check via safari. I just use mailbox when i want to save a video
    Music apps I have hoarded.
          seeing as there has been some app talk.   This is the app I use... Flacplayer.   The beauty of this is not only does it play hi res via CCK but it also displays the bitrate (onkyoHF is a bit misleading that way).   pic 1. regular 41 files via USB A. pic 2. 24/96 files playing via usb-A down sampled to 16/48 (Touch max output). pic 3. 24/192 file playing at native resolution of 24/192 (24/96 also works) via CCK to usb-B.     16/41 is enough...
yes, theres a thread somewhere. its meant to be fairly successful with android devices and external dac/amps.
      A few shots of my Touch 5G showing various CCK out. With Centrance Hfi-m8, no need for extra usb wart.     (I generally use the Venturecraft 7N lightning cable to usb type A)
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