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I have been thinking of selling mine off and converting to just IEMS (i have DITA the truth) for the easy convenience of the daily commute, but then i fear the possible post sell regrets.
I put them in the carry bag, and take them out the same way everytime. No tangles. I did have prior experience with my ATH-ESW9 though could never tell if 'if the cable was looped over or not- drove me crazy.
Sounds rockin'! Dita over ear headphones. Kewl!
I think the love of these beauties hasnt faded away. The thing with the ATH-ESW11 is that owners of them dont seem to sell them, so there are no new owners joining the thread to gush about them. Also there arent any complaints which also thins out posts. Happy campers all.
OT. How is the DITA in your esteemed opinion? OT. Are you going to throw the DX90 into the mix?  cheers
You'll see from a couple of posts back that DiTA posted in this thread yesterday, so yes they are alive and kicking. Also give them more than one day to reply to any inquries, be generous. I find the DITA to have low leakage. Not sure if they are an in bed IEM though. Maybe the Answer with the softer cable could be better than the Truth for in bed.
maybe wait more than one day?, and take into account different timezones.I see you have also posted in the active DITA thread where DITA posts. That will be helpful as they are more likely to see that post.
Latest OS /touch 5G and its an idevice hifi-m8. But i am using the usb-b port instead of the usb-a port for idevices.
I am now trying Audio Technica Hybrids, I had trouble getting a good seal with the Tips that came with the Dita (I always have trouble getting a good seal on my left ear with all IEMs). Before I didnt bother trying them up until now because I thought they wouldnt fit, but they did, easily. They are the same tips I use on my ATH-CK10. This thread seems to have picked up and I enjoy reading the updates and impressions from other people who own or have tried the DITAs.
C`mon!!!   There is still room for one more headphone.   Plug a third in, even better a 3.5mm splitter and up it to four!   :)
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