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Flacplayer app i have found the best and is reliable and stable. I have tried most of the main free and paid audio apps.
iOS 8 works with the Hifi-M8. No change for hi-res playback using Flacplayer app. 24/96 - usb-A   16/41 USB-A 
i just bought one of those venturecraft 7N cables to upgrade from my first venturecraft lightning cable and my v-moda cable.The 7N sounds great.
I see no reason why hifi-m8 would not be compatible with iOS 8 or iphone 6, but kets wait for concrete proof. As for hi-res.... I await with baited breath. If i can clear 1gb of space on my ipod touch 5g i will update it. And check.
i have four different lightning cables, these are my findings. If you have any debates see the first post and then please politely take it to the Sound Science section.I dont want this thread deteriorating into a cables change sound/cables dont change sound endless conversation.Kind regardsExpat.
yeah, i hate to sell things too, mainly because I dont like asking people for money for my audio goods. I usually sell them for less than a head-fi transaction to a faceless store.
Wow. Lots of gear. Thanks for the great write up. It inspires me to do an impressions update myself.
Saw this at my local store on Friday.
first initial superficial impressions.   ATH=ESW11 with Hifi-M8, ipod touch 5G with Flacplayer app.   More fuller, everything seems tighter. A step up from the original Venturecraft lightning cable to be sure. It is a richer sound with critical listening.   Keep in mind at this point improvements are incremental.   original:light sound, more separation of low and highs, bass is tame.   New: Everything is more forward, good separation-but more even sound/volume...
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