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Needs more pie
My review is nearly done.
ALO reference 8 pairs very well. Brings out the low end more.
No, it doesnt
-Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 -Campfire Vega -Dita Audio the Dream -Empire Ears Zeus-XR ADEL -Jomo Samba I'm lazy so I just copied and pasted and deleted most of one half. I suck, but still hoping the odds are in my favor
I wish I hadnt been so hungry and then i could have enjoyed your gear more. Thanks for lunch!
AnakChan of Head-fi who has owned or at least tried about every totl dap - demoed my DX200 at the show too..
I was happy to go the Fujiya Avic portable show today and check out and confirm what others had written about in this thread. How the DX200 holds its own against other totl daps.
Fujiya Avic Portable Show Report 2/18/2017 - Expatinjapan   This Fujiya Avic show is different than their usual twice yearly shows around May and October. This has a portable focus and is only on one floor of the Sun Plaza in Nakano when the usual larger show takes up 3 - 4 floors. I will let the pictures do the talking mainly with a few added notes here and there.     Cables for all your audio needs...and...
Try ALO reference 8. Its a good match.
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