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there. 1.1.1 was to fix the battery issue from memory.
There you go. It all worked out in the end
Fairs fair. Its the general view that follow up customer service is for those who bought the product first hand. Buying second hand is always a risk. And the support and warranties etc often aren't there for the buyer of used goods, if a company was liable for their products as they change hands infinitely it would cause difficulties. I understand your frustration as this is a defect at a manufacturing level. Did the person who sold it to you mention it?
good stuff.It should get sorted out then when they have a chance to reply.
Mail em.
Flacplayer app > onkyo app imho.
I emailed Centrance about it and will have and answer soon.
I believe the Mini-M8 to have a true balanced output.
The iphone 6 and the ipod touch 6g 128gb have different dacs. Anythings possible.
i think there was a later final reply on the subject from Michael of Centrance- some where in this thread.It wasnt it seems from lack of trying on Centrances part though, the bottleneck was Apple. Its os limitations and restrictions.Of course we could buy an ipad and get hi res but not all of us want to carry a large one around. Ipad mini? Still cant rubber band it. We could cck the hifi-m8 but the extra cables are messy. Plus until the ipod touch 6g 128gb storage was...
New Posts  All Forums: