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Quick response from Opus! Dear Damon, . You may advice to check if the driver is installed properly. Please follow the link below and check for errors. https://www.android.com/filetransfer/ Nice, fast service! I will check it later
I like @KB Kens post 579. I am listening to the Vega now and have about 70 hours on them (100 on the Dorado and 10 on the Lyra II) which is no representation of favorites at all. Just a matter of which I plug in for a few hours at my station. The Dorado And Lyra II I pretty much understand and have my head around. The Vega is taking a longer time as it seems to contain so much, yet performs it all seemingly effortlessly. Now moving on to a variety of sources. Keeping...
Nice pics. They are quite hard to photograph being all black
Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I can only share what I see and hear mainly at these shows. Cyberdrive was nice enough to give me the basic Seiun player and the JR2 (early version) for review and feedback. They were handed to me at the shows. I accepted as I thought it would be useful to you guys to hear what their other products are sounding like. To give an idea of what the Pro/X might be like. Unfortunately for the JR2 review on my Head pie blog someone left some...
Edit: double post.
Nice. iI am looking forward to the new update. Still have the issue where I can't see the music files when plugged into my Macbook. I have to use an external card reader to see the files on micro sd, but I cant see the ones in the internal memory anymore. I could before. (Even updated the OS on our Macbook, which was horribly out of date). But I am a bit worried as a previous firmware darkened the sound a bit, the last one took it back to neutral.
Arent the real ATH-ES10 usually have blue coils on the drivers If you take off the pads? I forget as I sold mine. (Still have ATH-ESW9, ATH-EW11). But yes, they arent monster bass monsters as some would say, but they do have an adequate and controlled amount.. It was the peaky treble that I didn't like. I did the replacement ATH-EW11 pad swap. Still have the pads, a little bit flatter than the pads on my ATH-ESW11.
I am trying to stay off the hype train and not jump to any conclusions just yet. I posted my brief impressions from the show earlier. Now to do some proper listening with different sources then get back to you guys with a basic set of impressions and later write a full review. I dont want to be inaccurate or skew results as its peoples well earned money thats being spent
On their Facebook page there is a preview for a new Opus#1 firmware. It kooks quite extensive! Exciting
Thank you And yes, lets get back to the new Campfire Audio earphones!
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