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Yes, the Mini has less power...that is one reason why it is called the mini
Take a look at the Centrance Mini-m8. All your issues resolved.
Sorry, i meant the sound straight from the headphone jack of the ipod Touch 6G 128GB is very close to using it with external dac/amps.
I am still quite surprised by the the sound quality from my new Touch. Trying it yesterday with a few dac/amps and also ifi purifier which I recently won on head-fi. Its very close.
Whoops. Sorry, i read that before my morning coffee. My mistake.
Onkyo app has always been mediocre. Flacplayer app has always been my go to player for OS. Although with recent reports I may just have to give Kaisertone a try.
see earlier in this thread.
Nice size for sure!
Any other impressions?
http://monoadc.blog64.fc2.com/blog-entry-99.html They usually have the impedances listed on this site.
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