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Looks like that's what it's intended to do although it seems you need the rDAC-kw rather than the regular rDAC. Has the advantage of not requiring a wifi network but if you already have a reasonably reliable network there are many other ways to achieve the same thing that allow more choice in components.
It sounds especially good using the DAC in the Fostex Hp-p1.
Yeah, it's an interesting app. If you turn off the EQ function it sounds quite a bit better than the built in app too.
Adding RAM can definitely make a difference if you have a short supply already, especially if you use the computer for tasks other than just playing music. The exact impact will depend on the software you're using.   
BT - These Hopeful Machines  
Deadmau5 - 4x4=12  
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John Zorn - Masada Vav 
Did you mod your Q701 to run balanced or are your impressions running single ended?
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