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There's actually only one possible answer to this question and that's you have to buy the amp first for the simple reason that buying a DAC (unless it's a combo unit) will leave you without any way to drive the headphones so it's not too useful.   BTW, The HD 650 love tube amps.  
Here's a summary of my opinions on the amps I have.   The Hp-p1 is probably the only amp I own that I actually like the D5000 on. My D5000 aren't balanced so I can't use them with the Mjolnir. The D7100 also do well off the Hp-p1 and sound great off the Mjolnir so I suspect the Mjolnir might be a good amp for the D5000 as well but no guarantee as my next opinion shows.   I don't really like the D5000 with the Apex Peak although I do like the Peak with the D7100 so go...
Heifetz - Concertos SACD  
Hmm, that looks interesting. What's it like? You can never tell in advance with him.  
These look very interesting. Hopefully they'll get US distribution outside the Apple online store. Have the L1s shown up in any of the physical stores yet?
Sorry, I meant in comparison to the Apple TV not the Arcam. There wasn't supposed to be a paragraph break before that sentence.   The sound quality of the Squeezebox and Sonos will largely be dictated by the DAC you use it with (assuming you use an external DAC). I haven't heard the Arcam system so I have no idea how good the streaming sound quality is, but I agree that given what it is it would likely be better than the built in DAC in both the Squeezebox and...
The Ravi Shankar Collection - CD 2  
Yeah Sonos is a solution as is the Logitech Squeezebox. The Squeezebox touch also has the advantage of having a user interface on the device and a regular remote control in addition to the ability to control it via the computer or an app for the ipad/ipod touch.   You can also achieve the same thing using an Apple TV which would have tighter overall integration with the Mac and can also be used to send video if you have a TV near by.   From a sound quality...
Looks like that's what it's intended to do although it seems you need the rDAC-kw rather than the regular rDAC. Has the advantage of not requiring a wifi network but if you already have a reasonably reliable network there are many other ways to achieve the same thing that allow more choice in components.
It sounds especially good using the DAC in the Fostex Hp-p1.
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