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What else do you intend to look at?   
I'm not wondering if it can get volume from it, that's a given. I'm wondering if it can "truly" optimize it. I have all kinds of amps that can get the HE-5LE louder than I want to listen but that doesn't mean the sound doesn't turn into mush when things get complex. For instance, the Peak can't hold the HE-5LE together with complex music. The Mjolnir can hold the HE-5LE together with any music I've thrown at it. It's still an open question whether the same is true for the...
One thing I'm still curious about is how well it handles the HE-6. It handles the HE-5LE better than anything else I've tried but as hard as those are to drive they're still more efficient than the HE-6. Anyone in the Phoenix area have an HE-6 and curious about the Mjolnir?
For the Robert Johnson centennial edition, for the tracks where they could find original metal, my understanding is they pressed polystrene copies from the stampers and then transferred from those. Those transfers are vastly superior to any of the earlier CD editions or any of the other tracks for which the original stampers no longer exist. I was skeptical of yet another Robert Johnson set but the improvement was substantial and musically significant. All the Jazz I have...
Robert Johnson - The Centennial Collection     The Lumineers     JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers  
I'm talking about really old recordings from the 20s and 30s. Those recordings were generally recorded directly to disk and that disk was used to make the stampers for the 78s. Most modern copies of this music were made by playing and recording the 78s which in many cases aren't exactly pristine. For the latest transfers of the Robert Johnson material they basically stamped new 78s to record. The results are absolutely fascinating. I would love to hear some of the Jazz...
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan - A Dhun & A Raga on Vinyl   This isn't the cover of the vinyl but the recordings are reissued on this CD.  
Ah man, Django. How did I leave him off my list.   Sound quality is definitely a complicating factor in the enjoyment of the older recordings. However, some of the transfer techniques for old 78s are getting pretty incredible. The latest reissue of the Robert Johnson material is stunning given how old it is and how poor the sound of his recordings have historically been. I don't know if they've been able to use the same techniques with any of the older Jazz recordings.   
The Ravi Shanker Collection - 10 CD Box Set Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth - Vinyl Megadeath - Peace Sells... But who's buying - Vinyl BT - These Hopeful Machines - CD The Lumineers - CD The Cure - Head on the Door - CD
Something else I'll add on the new Denon's, at least for the 7100, I find them extremely comfortable. The D600 seem to be basically the same design so they're likely quite comfortable as well. Comfort isn't much of a problem for the K550 or D5000 either but for me the new Denon's are just plush.
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