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Unfortunately, the web site has many products that are not available in the local stores and the L1 seems to be one of those products. At least it isn't in the stores here. I keep hoping that changes as I'm curious to hear these things but am not interested enough to buy them blind. I might change that stance for the new X1 when it comes out.  
Jason posted this earlier in the thread.    
Me too, same conclusion. For some reason I thought it was SMD too but apparently not.  
If your friend is happy with his purchase just keep your mouth shut. The Beats are marketed in a way that makes people believe they're buying the best and the forces at play that have led them to that feeling go way beyond sound quality. If he actually cares about sound quality he will learn, but if he doesn't (and most people who buy beats really don't) then seeding dissatisfaction will do nothing but make him feel bad about the purchase and make you look like a jerk....
The L1 is still there and showing in stock.
Since you're using the HE adapter it will be fine. Did you get it with a balanced cable? I've run the LCD-2 straight off the speaker taps of numerous amps and in that scenario noise is a big problem but the resistors in the HE adapter should take care of that problem.  
Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth   I bought this on vinyl and the pressing is terrible.   
Easy,   HD800 - $1500   I long for the days when I thought $300 was a lot to spend on a headphone. Now I think it's cheap. Ugh!
Has anyone actually seen these in a physical store? I was in an Apple store today and they didn't have them.  
John Zorn - Lucifer - Book of Angels Volume 10 - Bar Kokhba plays Masada Book Two     Enrico Rava Quintet - Tribe  
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