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I listened to it briefly today with HD800s. Sounded very good but seemed to run out of power in low power (triode?) mode when the music got complex. The higher power mode held things together better and still sounded quite good. If they can actually manage to get their hands on them it will be worth a more serious listen. 
Lazar Berman - Prokofieff Sonata #8  
I don't have an LCD-3 because I really don't like my LCD-2 at all. I was seriously looking at the TH900 when I bought the D7100 more or less on a whim. I never really expected to like the D7100 as much as I do. I may still try the TH900 eventually but next up for me will probably be an HE-6.   Make sure you burn in the D600 for about 100 hours before evaluating it. If there's ever a strong bit of evidence for burn in these Denon's are it. The D7100 out of the box about...
Nice! I haven't heard that one in a long time. May need to dig it out.
Branford Marsalis - Contemporary Jazz     Black Sabbath - Paranoid  
Having been listening to the D7100 for a couple weeks now, along side my HD 800, Koss ESP 950 and Stax SR 507, I have no idea how that graph can be accurate. That makes the headphone look broken with a V shaped signature, no mids and a complete lack of coherency otherwise. That is not even close to how it sounds to me.    I find the D7100 to be pretty balanced but with a slight bit more bass than the HD 800. I do not hear it as a truly bass heavy headphone (although when...
I use it with the Denon D7100 and have no complaints about synergy. My time with the Mjolnir has been about 75% D7100, 20% HD 800 and 5% split between AKG K701 and HE-5LE.   
Branford Marsalis - Royal Garden Blues - Vinyl  
Yeah, I agree, those are just "ship to store" availability dates.  I just checked all the local stores and they're all the same.   Of course even if they do eventually stock them in store it doesn't mean they'll have a demo out. The store I was in Saturday had Amperiors and a few others hanging on the wall but no demos other than Beats, Skullcandy and B&W P5.   Oh well, I'm really just curious about how good these are. If I had an actual use for them I'd just buy them but...
Excellent shots! Composition and lighting are exquisite. Any camera that can deliver shallow depth of field could take these shots but not in the hands of just any photographer.  
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