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"No Place Like Home" - Devo
"Is it Really So Strange" - The Smiths
Wild Orchid Children - The Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander Supertramp   Keith Jarrett - Invocations The Moth and the Flame
"The Wrong Company" - Flogging Molly
This sounds good to me. I can bring AKG K701, Beyer DT 880 Pro, Denon D5000 (markl), Denon D1001, Grado SR225i, Ming Da MC84-C07 amp, Audio-gd C2C amp and PS Audio DL III DAC. I'll also have a Macbook with Pure Music running on it.   BTW, Sid-fi I'd love a chance to hear the Nuforce HDP, hope you can convince the wife before then. 
The arm on the P3 is set for Rega Cartridges, an OM-20 is taller than a Rega so yes you should raise the arm. The purple cart, if it's kinda tapered looking is probably a Rega Elys. Compare the height on that cart to your OM-20 and you'll see the difference.
Yep Phoenix sucks. Best place is Guitar Center and that's not saying much. I did get my DT 880 Pros there but that's about the best they stock. I was in Portland a few weeks ago and made a special trip to 32 ohm audio, awesome store! Made the situation here all the more depressing. On a whim I picked up a pair of Denon AH-D1001 as portables while I was there.
Getting a denon d5000 tomorrow. Was going to wait and get d7000 but decided to get the 5000 now and then shoot for the LCD2 as my first highend pair In another 6 months or so.
I had the k701s for almost 2 years before I finally got into them after hitting on a good combo of tubes in my amp. Prior to that I found them completely uninvolving and a major disappointment after I had so carefully researched them before buying. The amp is so critical with these things, but when you get it right they really sing.
Either dt880 600ohm, senn hd650 or maybe dt990 600ohm. Would also love a denon d7000.
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