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I'm still breaking in the 65th anv but listened to them briefly tonight and switching from the K701 to the 65th showed a clear volume difference so I broke out the SPL meter and measured. Playing pink noise and with the volume set to generate 70 dB on the K701, switching to the 65th shows 72 dB. Pretty clear these are not the same and even though they have the same impedance and efficiency specs the 65th anv is much easier to drive. I've always felt AKG's efficiency...
I received a pair of these yesterday. I have many headphones including a pair of K701s that are about 5 years old, so very well run in, and out of the box the 65th edition sounds obviously different to me. More bass with a much more forward sound signature so they sound louder in direct comparison. They also sound kinda tight and not as open as the well used K701s which is what I would expect for a new pair. We'll see how they change as they get some more hours on them....
I own both vol. 1 and 2 of that set as well as the Blues, Soul and Classical boxes from the same series. They're all very worth having, especially if you pick them up from one of the third party sellers on Amazon in the $30-40 range.
Purity Ring - Shrines  
Do all of emotiva's amps have the + and - connectors so far apart? That seems really odd.
Kelly Joe Phelps - Brother Sinner & the Whale       Hacienda - Shakedown     Infected Mushroom - Army of Mushrooms  
Mozart - The Last Six Symphonies - SACD  
So what regions has this headphone been released in? I assume it's not available in the US yet.
Yevgeny Sudbin plays Scriabin - SACD  
Trondheim Solistene - Divertimenti on SACD  
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