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Thanks... price little bugger!   The only other one I have found is the Wesone but it is $200 as well, that is a lot for something to "try out"
I use the UE900 cable and it works great for me on my customs with MMCX. I would really like to find something that will allow for bluetooth on the MMCX
Do you know the model number for the Sony cable? I am looking for a MMCX Bluetooth Cable solution...
With their prices isn't every day like Black Friday? Seriously, their prices are pretty damn good and their service is outstanding!
I have not but that is a good idea. I did notice a few setting changed after the move such as EQs being turned on and volume leveling stuff as well... With those off it did sound far better but I am not sure it is to where it was just yet.
I am thinking the Mac is doing something different since the lady friend noticed it right away. It is like listening to music in a car with one speaker now... I think there must be some settings that changed in the background but I can't find them.
I am reading that Yosemite has been causing audio problems (for some) but those problems seem to be more spotty... Has anyone else experienced this?
I just picked up a new(er) Mac Mini and swapped everything over through a time machine transfer and now the sound is VERY thin and muffled. Before everything sounded pretty excellent but now there is a total lack of body and the sound is muffled... Any thoughts would be great.   Went from a late 2009 mini to a late 2012 mini. Nothing else changed.   System components:   PS Audio DA converter. VTL IT-85 Amp Devore Gibbons Speakers. HD600 Headphones.     I...
They are offering the deal again!   So far I am enjoying these quite well for commuting. They are pretty comfortable and the controls work well. I kinda wish the mic was on the right hand side but it is not a bid deal. As for cable noise while walking, I haven't noticed too much.       New:  2 Pairs Velodyne In-Ear Headphones for $40 + free shipping Velodyne offers two pairs of Velodyne vPulse In-Ear Headphones in Pink for $40 with free shipping via the directions...
Got mine yesterday. I left them on last night for a little burn in and so far they sound pretty good and definitely better than any $30 headphone I have ever heard, I would even say they are (so far) worth the $100 MSRP. The bass is DEEP and pretty clear but I am hesitant to call it overpowering. I normally listen to a lot of singer songwriter stuff with some hip hop/trip hop mixed in. They DO have a little bit of micro-phonics but I kinda expect that out of anything that...
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