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from Dealmac today:   New:  Velodyne vPulse In-Ear Headphones w/ Case for $29 + free shipping Velodyne offers its Velodyne vPulse In-Ear Headphones w/ Remote and Mic in Blue, Black, or Pink, and the Velodyne vPulse Carrying Case, for $29 with free shipping via the directions below. That beats our June mention, which was the same price but lacked the case, and is the lowest total price we've seen. (It's also a current price low for the Pink version by $4, and at least...
I had a listen to the M&Ds yesterday at Stereo Exchange in NYC. They have them set-up in the middle listening area with a pretty cool tube amp that looks like it was probably made for them. The fit and finish of the phones are awesome and nicer than most anything I have seen lately. They just feel really solid. For sound quality I would say they sounded great but more leaning towards fun rather than reference. All in all a really nice set of headphones that I would say...
My volume and center button did work but just seemed to stop. Otherwise the cable works great for me...
That was actually the reason I bought it. I had sold a set-up of separates due to space but wanted to have that VTL sound. Bought this knowing that when space is less of an issue I can add the ST_85 and have it be even more amazing. What a great amp. Really nice headphone stage too.
Anyone have a recommendation for a place to get molds done in NYC? I think I am going to take the plunge and have some customs made by InEarz!!!   Thanks in advance!
Have you received the phones back from inearcustom? I am thinking about doing a set of Shure e3c through them and wondered about the results... Any thought would be great!   Thanks!
Has anyone bought a pair of phones from these guys? I really want to try them for converting my Shure e3c to something molded.   Any help or thoughts of other alternative companies would be great.   Thanks!
yeah, there are so many out there that are WAY more of a copy then that! guess this is because Yamaha is big enough to matter  
Going to try and make this meet. Thanks guys!
I'm a troll or he is?
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