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Anyone have a recommendation for a place to get molds done in NYC? I think I am going to take the plunge and have some customs made by InEarz!!!   Thanks in advance!
Have you received the phones back from inearcustom? I am thinking about doing a set of Shure e3c through them and wondered about the results... Any thought would be great!   Thanks!
Has anyone bought a pair of phones from these guys? I really want to try them for converting my Shure e3c to something molded.   Any help or thoughts of other alternative companies would be great.   Thanks!
yeah, there are so many out there that are WAY more of a copy then that! guess this is because Yamaha is big enough to matter  
Going to try and make this meet. Thanks guys!
I'm a troll or he is?
Is this even a real post?
I ended up smoking a transformer in my amp and am not sure where to start. The amp is a cheap Victory or something like that, out of China. I bought it years ago to see how 300B's sounded in my system and have since lost any paperwork that came with it. Anyway, I am looking to find a new transformer but I cant find any information on the web about what was inside. I am hoping that from the pictures someone would be able to steer me in the right (cost effective)...
Good luck on the sale, this is one of the nicest sounding amps I have EVER heard.
Nice amp!
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