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That's Bluetooth for you. I have yet to hear a good sounding set.
Do a search on eBay for "MMCX Audio Cable Bluetooth SHURE." I bought one and it seems to work like a charm with my custom IEMs. 
And it is tomorrow in Japan. I am still confused how the time anywhere else matters. 
Looking for something that I can drive 300 ohm (Senn HD600/50) that is portable and will work with iOS. I am not looking for something portable in the sense that I can walk around town with it but I would love for it to be battery powered so I can move it from room to room without a mess of wires. I would love to keep it in the sub $200 range since I have a great tube based amp already for more serous listening... Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!
How does this play with 300 ohm headphones?
Exactly, so many people where saying crap like "I don't even know what to do now" or asking how Massdrop was planning to compensate people who missed out because their servers got blown to bits. Jesus people, they are headphones, get over it and move on with your lives! 
Same, about 30 min after that I got a confirm that I snagged on... you should be good. 
So did I and then an hour later I got a confirm from Massdrop. You should be good if you saw the $1 hit.
So the cheap eBay cable came and I have to say, for $10 shipped it sounds pretty great. I don't plan to use it as a full time replacement to my cable connection but it is fine for our and about and at 95% cheaper than the Westone Bluetooth cable it is a no brainer...
I actually think the HD600 sound better than the 650 but I am thinking about joining just to have a pair of each for comparison and modding... If you were selling the HD600 to buy what is pretty much a repackaged HD650 I think you may be disappointed but that's just me. 
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