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Lmao, or maybe I just wanted an opinion on the ES3X...... Which by the way I just sent impressions in for.
Anyone else with pics?
I would definitely recommend you get them if your having fit issues because they definitely accomplish getting a good seal. Unfortunately my ears not only have a small canal but not a big enough space for the actual Left and Right earpiece. So now I'm probably getting another set (free I hope) that let's the Casing for the driver's rest outside my ear and I will only have contact with the UM56. Going to tell them to try and get the earpiece as close to my ear as possible...
$200.00 more..... what makes it worth the extra money?
I really hope it retains the same amount of detail and preciseness that the UM3X seems to deliver.
The sound yes, the shape.... Hell no. On the other hand I can officially say, It Hurt SO GOOD lol
I Own the UM3X and have absolutely fallen in love with it's sound. Unfortunately the housing for the drivers is too big for my ears and it hurts to have them in for more than an hour. This is unacceptable because I listen to music for hours at a time. So my question is how do the ES3X's sound signature compare to the UM3X. Are they identical because they use the same drivers? Thanks in advance
Hey guys, just got my UM56 tips today for my UM3X and thought I would share some photos (Don't think there official UM56 tips but everything went through an authorized dealer) . Couldn't believe the shape my tips came back as. No wonder I was having fit issues.... I have really really tiny ears. Curious to see other peoples UM56 tips, so please post your pics. P.S. I have been listening to these for about 5 hours now and I have to say, compared to tips I was using before...
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