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Figuring out what headphones and amp is beginning to drive me insane ... I have now decided that I will get the Sennheiser HD650 - that is, until I change my mind again, of course. I also need a new integrated amp to drive my speakers and have been told that Marantz goes well with my speakers (Acoustic Energy Radiance 2). Since I will really only listen to the HD650s in the living room, I was hoping that some of the not-so-old Marantz integrateds may have a good...
Hi, I'm getting the HE-500 and will initially be driving it with my speaker amps (Onkyo AV-5L and Creek Destiny 2) but I suppose having a dedicated headphone amp/dac will be an improvement (or will it?). Can anyone advise me on which affordable amp/dacs have good synergy with the HE-500? I would really like an integrated amp/dac with USB, as this will save me having to get interconnects and run extra power chords. Portable would be fine too, as long as the price...
Thanks for the advice, I'll do it straight-away
I have about $1500 to spend and am looking for an Amp/Dac plus headphones for that price. I'm not sure the high-end section is the right place to ask this, because it may not be possible to buy something high-end for that price. I would play flac files from my laptop. I listen mainly to Latin music - Samba & Salsa. Thanks
Does anyone know if this is a good combination? Thanks. T.
Hi, I have ordered the Burson HA-160D and was wondering what headphones to get. The AKG 702s are pretty affordable, so that could be an obvious place to start, but I don't want to buy them now and start looking for new headphones again in a few months time,because I realize other headphones may be much better.  The Hifiman HE-500s look interesting too and they'll be available in Europe soon, but they are much more expensive than the AKGs. I have a pretty good...
Hi, I have the Creek Destiny 2 amp. It has a proper headphone socket and I was wondering whether it would make a decent headphone amp. Or will a dedicated headphone amp be much better? I don't currently use headphones, but if the Creek's headphone socket was up to it, I'd consider getting a really good headphone. Any advice? Thanks, T.
I have the Eastern Electric Dac ($750) and it is great. I run it with an Onkyo D-type amp. There is a review on 6moons of the EE dac and one on Headphonista.
Thanks,    I use JRiver flac going through the M2Tech Hiface into the Dac into the Onkyo A9555 (D-class amp) to Linn Majik109 speakers.   T.
Hi,   The Eastern Electric Dac (with the ESS 9018 Sabre dac) and the Audio-gd dac-19 are about the same price, which one is better?   I will be using it with M2Tech Hiface.   Thanks,   T.
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