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You got PM!!!!
Yes I did that for my D-7000.  It's very easy, check out the link below for enlarged pics....   http://www.head-fi.org/t/250230/cable-differences-between-denon-ah-d5000-and-ah-d2000-w-pic/15
Ok will do.
Hi guys, I have a mint condition metal/foam headband that I'm not using.  These are not as aesthetics as the leather ones, but they definitely are more comfortable.  $40 including shipping with PayPal.   Thanks for looking.
I have re-terminated my D7000 cable with 4-pin XLR to use it with my balanced amp (WA22).  There are for sure 4 conductors in the cable.  You can see some pics here  http://www.head-fi.org/t/250230/cable-differences-between-denon-ah-d5000-and-ah-d2000-w-pic/15
My 2 reshells will be here tomorrow and no cables
I've ordered a couple of IEM cables from Chris and it's 2.5 weeks and nothing yet.  What are the approximate turn around time for you guys?
Yes got a tracking number and called Kaysen to confirm.
    Thanks will do.  And they are SM3 and W3 reshells
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