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I have had fantastic luck dealing with this guy.  I wish you the best....
I would think that the company that actually manufactured the item would be able to tell if the equipment was damaged more so than anyone else.  I find it kind of absurd that Audeze would deny his upgrade.  Chances are that Audeze is making even more money on the new higher end product.  Seems sort of lazy and does not promote customer loyalty IMO.     Would it be that difficult to explain to the customer if the product was in fact damaged that they would not...
That is Audeze's top flight support coming through for you.
I returned a pair of LCD-2 r2s because they did not respond to an important email.  Maybe if they get their customer support together I might think about a LCD-3.  I refuse to buy any product where the manufacturer won't stand 100% behind what they are sending to the customer. In my case it was a really bad finish on the wood.
Sennheiser is hooking me up.  They are replacing my pair with a new personally inspected pair and a free pair of in ears. I will update this thread once I get my new HD800. So far I really like how they are handling things.  Fast responses and top notch support.
  I tried but it does not come out well on my cell camera..  
  I hope you are enjoying them =).  I am still trying to get mine fixed.  Headroom said they would return them for a 15% restocking fee or I would have to contact Sennheiser directly.  After telling Headroom that was not an acceptable option for such a high end piece of equipment they told me that they would no longer be accepting any of my orders .  I am now talking with Sennheiser direct. Hopefully all goes well .    
  Yep it drives me nuts as well.  What is even more crazy is how refused to work with me even though they are making $600 on these.  They basically said that I was on my own and had to deal with sennheiser to get it fixed.  Thats what I call great customer support!  Oh well, im sort of over it now.  Im thinking about making a thread about my experience though....    
Windows 7 Pro x64.  I am running AVG but I always strip my browser of all toolbars and add-ons besides java and flash.  Toolbars drive me crazy.  This is on my music/gaming rig so there are no viruses/spyware on this machine at all.    Machine Specs Core i7 980x Gigabyte X58a-UD7 6GB DDR3 1800 cl8 GTX 480 1050w enermax revolution psu
When editing a post it will not let me click inside of the box and get a cursor to edit text.  Sometimes it works perfect and other times it does not in which I must use google chrome for it to work right.  I have seen also that when I edit one of my posts the formatting does not display properly in the quick edit box (not sure if that is really a bug or not though). Thanks
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