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I already have a HD-800. Is it silly to get LCD-3 as well? I had bought both the lcd 2 and hd 800 last september. Could not keep both so I sent back the lcd 2. I thought the pair of lcd 2s I had was too close to the HD-650. It seemed like they lacked soundstage and got conjested in some music. Right now I have a Burson HA-160 and DA-160. If I get the lcd 3 i plan on upgrading to the soloist. Am I in for suprise or disappointment? All I want is a much improved HD-650 (laid...
Used Burson HA-160D and Sennheiser HD-650.  Not the best soundstage performer but will be a good all around setup.  If you could stretch the budget a little you could get a new HA-160D. HD-650 does not do the best with rock because its it has more mid range and a rolled off top end.   Basically you can't really get a bass heavy headphone that has a focus on treble as well.    HD-650 - Bassy with very smooth mids.  More on the warm side very analog pairing with...
  Warm and fuzzy :)
Should be no concerns for this.as that stock is only about 3 months old.  $1400 headphones do not always fly off the shelves.  Also it is possible that someone did not rotate stock like they should have.  In any event it is not like they have been sitting there for a year or more.  If they sound alright I see no need for concern.
Just wait until you try out the HD-800 .  No one will ever be able to pry them out of your hands if comfort is your main concern. The beyers do look really comfortable though.  Always wanted to try a pair out with the gel pads!
Loans on this kind of equipment?  Really? You may want to check out your priorities. That is like buying a Ferrari on loan because there is no other way you could possibly afford it. ( I can see putting a daily driver on loan because you need a car to get to get back and forth to work. I believe in loans for necessities but loans for 'toys' is sort of absurd.   With that being said and out of the way (I am not telling  you what to do but it is what I belive is good...
For some reason I thought the same thing with my first pair.  The highs were completely out of control.  On the second and third pair this seems to have disappeared and have much more bass.  You may want to go and try another pair of new HD-800s.    
HD 800 lowest on the bass chart? Really?  I have the HD-650 and HD-800 and with my particular pair there is more bass and texture than what the HD-650 could ever dish out.
UPDATE:                My new HD-800 came in flawless condition coming from Sennheiser.  Sennheiser also came through with the in ears sending me a NEW pair of IE-60s!!!  Could not have asked for any better service.  Thanks Sennheiser!
     After dealing with many other headphone manufacturers I have not come across any that has taken care of me like Sennheiser.  The HD-650 was my very first high end headphone and certainly will not be my last.  Sennheiser has gave me a great hobby that I can enjoy on a daily basis. In fact I am reading this thread while listening to my HD-800s right now.  I would love to try the next new pair of Sennheiser headphones. I have not even seen them yet and I am already...
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