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OP HERE       Just accidently bought the Liquid Glass. (well maybe not so accidently )      Thanks for all the help!
The ECBA looks nice but I think 3200ish is going to be my upper limit.  Keep the suggestions rolling. Its definitely helping me narrow things down!
It would be nice.  Just have a hard time dropping cash on a gs-x and not even knowing if I will like it or not. If it ends up beating out a burson soloist then he would probably have a customer =)
Was there ever a headamp gs-x demo? Would love to try one of those on my lcd-3/hd-800.  Have been really interested in that one for awhile.   Otherwise I would like to demo the he-5 but no longer see it in the list.
I seen the Lyr but it looks kind of like a sidegrade more than an upgrade from the Soloist. Looking to get something higher end so I can be done for a little while =).
Hello current setup is a Burson Soloist / Burson DA-160.  Good transparency and resolution with the LCD-3 but it seems like there is not much low end impact that everyone talks about.  The Soloist is supposed to have enough power for these but sometimes it does not feel like it.  Im not 100% sure I am getting all I can out of the LCD-3. I would really like to stay with a solid state amp but tubes could possibly be an option.  Balanced / single ended outputs would be...
HD-800 - Comfort, sound, sound, sound, did I say sound?   LCD-3- Close to first place. May change in time not sure, have only used them like 5 times since September   HD-650 - I really thought about putting these as number 1 but can't because they really are not in the same league as the two above. These are just all around fun,  Light and 80% of the SQ of the above.  For the price you can't really argue. Must have.   Klipsch x10 - Decent on the go. The highs...
Look at the F/R of the earlier LCD-3 samples.  It seems like many of them dip hard at or a little after 1kHz.  The newer ones usually hold out to about 2kHz or so.  I believe the earlier "veiled" headphones sound darker although I have not been able to test this myself.  I'll let you know how the new ones are since they should be coming soon.  I have the HD-800s as well so I have a pretty good idea of what bright is .   I prevously owned a LCD-2 rev 2 and they were for...
Just ordered my LCD-3 last night! Burson Soloist coming as well!.   To the poster above, the LCD-2 would probably work for you better.  They are not as bright and probably wont reveal all of the flaws as easily.
If your amp has sufficient power it should sound the same.  However, at max load if your amp only has enough power for one there will be a decrease in performance if you use both at the same time. This only applies to amps with circuitry that combines both outputs opposed as to having seperate power supplies for each output. Also you have to be careful as some amps with two outputs the intention is not to provide you with dual outputs but to provide you with two ouputs...
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